“One can never have enough socks”

I don’t have much to add at this time, so instead I am brightening your day with my footwear.

The brightness of my socks makes up for the greyness of the day.

One of my recent additions to my wardrobe is socks. They are fun and simple, and cheap enough to buy whole bunches to jazz up any outfit. The above pair cost me all of $1.50 at Target. Yes, folks, you read that right! Most of my socks come from Target, in the ankle height as their knee socks do not fit my calves.

Since I’ve stopped wearing pants (which I’ll have to get to in another post) I’ve felt a little weird about pairing socks with skirts. I thought I would have to wear tights, or at least over the knee socks or stockings. I figured I would try it anyway, because OMG cute socks! And I didn’t want to give that up. Also, I’ve been seeing all the awesome socks that Mia from Reading in Skirts has been wearing with her skirts. It’s adorable, not weird, and has fueled my confidence.

Now, do I have enough money to put toward a gigantic Sock Dreams order? Or perhaps I should just finish this pair of socks I starting knitting over two years ago?

Breakfast and Knitting

If I can’t even finish a pair of ankle socks, how will I ever get to knitting those woollen cabled stockings I’ve been aching for?


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