Outfitblogging 16 Sep 2011

Demin skirt with over the knee socks, scarf, and jacket

Skirt: Lane Bryant (summer 2004)
Shirt: Lane Bryant (spring 2005)
Scarf: Target (summer 2011)
Jacket: Lane Bryant (winter 2009)
Socks: Sock Dreams (fall 2011)
Shoes: Style & Co, Macy’s (fall 2010)

Another outfit based around a pair of socks! This was the second of my Sock Dreams order, and with the temperature sticking to the low 60s today—it was 50F when I got up this morning—I knew I had to pull these out. I love these socks. For the first time ever, I am wearing over-the-knee socks, staying in place with awesome sock garters.

This used to be an ankle length skirt. I wore it as originally intended, just once, to a birthday dinner for my friend Glenn about seven years ago. I really didn’t care for the length, so the skirt then sat in my closet for years, as with many other pieces of clothing I own, until I finally attacked it with scissors. (I am now using this method with all of the tee shirts I’ve got sitting in a basket.)

Socks and ankle boots

Here’s a closer look at the amazing socks, worn today with my ankle boots. Yay, time for boots! I bought these last year right before the NY Sheep and Wool Festival, and I plan on wearing them again this year. I used to work in an office of the historic Wanamaker’s, now housing a Macy’s; I kept an eye on these boots for about a month until I finally purchased them. They were then promptly covered in mud at Rhinebeck.

Wrist brace

Check out this awesome new accessory! I have no idea what I’ve done to my wrist, but I’m in a buttload of pain. It’s been feeling worse every day, and since Matt was hitting CVS last night on his way home, he picked this up for me. What a guy! I’m feeling better, as long as I don’t, you know, bend my wrist or move my hand around too much.


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