Shopping in my closet

my rainbow.

About a year ago, I found Kimberly’s great blog, Fab Finds Under $50. She’s got an amazing style, and it was the first site to really inspire me to start looking at fashion in a different way. Until then, even thought I’d moved away from my usual tee-shirt-and-jeans uniform, I still really didn’t have any defined style. I wanted to look acceptable out in public, but I knew nothing about choosing accessories, matching jewelry, belting dresses, etc. I threw on a shirt, a solid and basic pair of slacks, and I went to work.

One of Kimberly’s topics is the monthly Outfit Inspiration Calendar, which is not only made up of outfits Kimberly finds interesting on sites or magazines, but also user-submitted fashions. Regular, everyday people, just like me, remixing their wardrobes. How fascinating!

I added the calendar to my Google view, which then syncs it to my phone. If I’ve “got nothing to wear”, I can pull up the daily inspiration and see what I can work with.

That was the main point of me following the calendar to begin with: finding items already in my closet that I can use to recreate the pieces. I was tired of wearing the same outfits over and over again. I was also tired of buying too much, because if I saw a shirt I liked, I also had to purchase a skirt or pants to wear with it. I got caught up in the habit of buying outfits when I should have been searching for mixing pieces.

Over the past year, I’ve tried to curb my clothing spending. Most of the time now, I’m picking up single items that I can use with multiple outfits. From shirts and tunics to skirts and dresses, I’m rethinking the entire ensemble. Will I belt it, or tie a scarf? Should I pair this with a blazer or cardigan? Can I play up a certain color with tights?

I’m salvaging more clothing from my closet, like the maternity dress that sat in my closet for three years. The fun comes in with the creativity it takes to make something look cute and stylish, and most importantly (at least to me) comfortable.

Photo credit: Dolinski, on Flickr


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