Outfitblogging 22 Sep 2011


Skirt: Fashion Bug (winter 2011)
Shirt: Target (summer 2011)
Cardigan: Target (summer 2011)
Earrings: Fashion Bug (summer 2009)
Socks: Torrid (summer 2007)
Shoes: Target (summer 2011)

Today was my first day of working new hours of 11am to 7pm. I don’t feel my best, but I feel loads better than I have since I started this job. Starting next week, I will be teleworking on Wednesdays, which I also think will be a huge help. Already, you can tell in my photos that I am not scowling, as these were taken about an hour later than usual. The schedule change has really taken a load off.

I really like the flower design on this shirt, so I think in the future I will pair it with a sweater that doesn’t cover it so much. Perhaps a cute little shrug instead? I’d thought about my scarf, but that probably would have been too much with the flowers. I’m still stuck on how to perfectly wear this shirt, besides plain.

This skirt is great. It also has pockets! I do need to pick up some static guard, or something, because it does ride up a little through the day. (I can just imagine what tights will do!) I bought it on a whim back in February on a shopping adventure with my mother, found on the clearance rack while Fashion Bug were holding an everything-marked-down sale. Picked it up for a ridiculous $6.


These earrings came in the same purchase as the ones I wore last week, very cheaply from Fashion Bug. I tend to wear these often, as the almost always match. They look like they could use a little cleaning, however.


Socks! These came in a three-pack from Torrid years ago. They have lasted remarkably well over the past four years. The bottoms show a permanent imprint of a keyboard, lifted from the insole of a pair of musically-themed pair of Airwalk. I sweat my way through a Lima Research Society. show in Doylestown PA one night, and ended up with a bedroom floor full of confetti.


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