Outfitblogging 26 Sep 2011

Flower-patterned skirt with shirt and shrug

Skirt: Lane Bryant (spring 2008)
Shirt: Target (summer 2008)
Shrug: Lane Bryant (summer 2011)
Earrings: Lane Bryant (spring 2008)
Socks: DSW (spring 2008)
Shoes: Target (summer 2011)

The little red shrug makes its third appearance in two weeks! Today’s weather warned me of temps in the mid-70s, but the humidity around here has been Orlando-in-July standards; I wanted to wear something a bit lighter, so I pulled out this skirt and top. The shrug was added to keep me from totally freezing in the office, but it’s not heavy enough to make me grossly sweat while catching the Metro.

Red flower earrings

I love these earrings. I seem to remember buying them when I picked up the skirt, but that could quite possibly be a case of mistaken memory. Regardless, they rock. I often wear them with my embroidered black dress and red mary janes, but that’s an outfit for another day.

Socks in flats

Too warm for tights, but I didn’t want to go entirely leg-wear free today. The light brown socks bring out some of the lighter browns in the skirt. They are super cute and comfortable. I grabbed them from the sock rack in the check-out line at DSW a few years back. Impulse purchase!


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