Outfitblogging 15 Oct 2011

Handknit sweater with skirt and socks

Hat: hand knit, Koigu (fall 2010)
Sweater: hand knit, Malabrigo (fall 2011)
Skirt: eShakti (fall 2011)
Socks: Sock Dreams (fall 2011)
Shoes: Style & Co, Macy’s (fall 2010)

This past weekend was spent with friends at the NY Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck, NY. What a weekend! Sheep, goats, fiber, yarn, cheese, wine… oh, and let’s not forget fried pickles. Each year, my knitting group chooses a “house color” for each of us to knit something for the festival; this year’s color was orange, and I knit this awesome sweater, Cadence, from knitty, with gorgeous Malabrigo.

I love this sweater. As soon as it’s chilly enough around here, I am going to wear this sweater 87 times this winter. I did make a few modifications on the pattern, to add more shaping in the bust and in the hips. It’s a quick knit, unless you need to rip out the sleeves three times, like I did.

Handknit hat and sweater

Here is a better shot of the sweater, plus the hat I knit last year out of mill ends and leftover Koigu. I didn’t have enough of either color to knit anything, so I put the two together for La Parisenne Beret. I think I get more compliments on this hat than I do on anything else!


4 thoughts on “Outfitblogging 15 Oct 2011

  1. Mia says:

    I swear, you’re doubly going to keep me coming back with your amazing sweaters. That Malabrigo is gawwwwgeous, and so is your cute hat! I’m super impressed with your abilities. This sounds like such a fun weekend, too. Sheep!

  2. The pattern is easy to follow, even the diamonds in the yoke. If you’re feeling feisty and ready to make more than a rectangle, I would recommend this pattern for a knitter’s first sweater.

    The yarn, while a tad pricey, is so worth it. I’m also knitting my dad a sweater with Malabrigo (in Polar Morn; my sweater is Sunset) and my mom can’t wait for it to be done so she can cuddle my dad.

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