Outfitblogging 28 Oct 2011

Handknit sweater with plaid skirt

Sweater: handknit, Malabrigo (fall 2011)
Skirt: Lane Bryant (winter 2007)
Boots: DSW (fall 2011)
Earrings: gift (winter 2010)
Hat: Macy’s (fall 2008)

I’m so happy today was cold enough that I could wear my sweater to work! My coworkers are mighty impressed with my knitting skills, event though, of course, I can find a few things wrong with the finished product. I pulled out this skirt, which I haven’t worn in a while, because I never quite liked the length. I’m finding I’m changing my opinions about many things in my wardrobe now.

Hat and earrings

I mostly wore the hat today because I wanted to hold off on washing my hair for one more day. It worked! I got some compliments on it, too, and no one is the wiser (unless they read my blog).

"Cadence" sweater pattern

Here’s a closer shot of the pattern in the yoke of the sweater. I would definitely recommend this for a first-time sweater pattern. It’s easy to follow, and if you need to make modifications, like I did to the bust and hips, you can figure out the math without worrying about messing up a stitch pattern.

Brown boots

Boots! With the long skirt, you can’t tell, but these are knee-high boots. I’m so happy that I was able to find a reasonably priced pair without having to order from the UK. My calves are super wide, and I’ve not been able to find a tall pair of boots in ages. Success for fall 2011!


One thought on “Outfitblogging 28 Oct 2011

  1. Mia says:

    Hey, I’m wearing an orangey sweater today too! Well, mine’s more of a pumpkin while yours looks like a yellowy-goldy-orange, but, y’know. And I also didn’t knit mine.

    Your long skirt is great; it looks really comfortable.

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