Outfitblogging 2 Nov 2011

Tee shirt with denim jacket and skirt

Tee shirt: vendor at Wizard World (summer 2008)
Jacket: Old Navy (fall 2011)
Scarf: Target (summer 2011)
Skirt: Lane Bryant (summer 2004)
Tights: Lane Bryant
Shoes: Target (summer 2011)

Wednesdays are my work-at-home days; this picture was taken much later in the day than I normally photograph. The sun at the front of the house is quite different at 1pm than it is at 9am. I’ll need to keep this in mind for future Wednesdays.

I needed to go to my future college to take care of some administrative things, and thought the jeans and tee shirt look went best with college and wouldn’t make me stand out as the old lady on campus.

Scarf and earrings

I added a scarf to keep it interesting. It was a little chilly yesterday. The earrings were simple, a gift from Matt’s parents.

Jayne shirt

Here’s a better look at my shirt! I bought it a few years ago at Wizard World in Philadelphia, along with my Drive Shaft tee shirt. This is Jayne Cobb from Firefly; the text beneath him reads “Public Relations”.

Black tights and flats

Such bright light! I wanted to wear my black leggings yesterday and couldn’t find them, so I grabbed my tights instead. I think I should have opted for something with a pattern, or something more colorful, if I wasn’t going to wear the leggings. (I still can’t find them.)


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