Outfitblogging 8 Nov 2011

Flowered shirt with slacks

Shirt: Lane Bryant (fall 2011)
Tank top: Target (summer 2011)
Pants: Lane Bryant (fall 2010)
Socks: Target (fall 2011)
Shoes: Aresoles (winter 2011)
Necklace: gift from parents, Alaska (fall 2011)
Earrings: gift from parents, Alaska (fall 2011)
Earrings: Lane Bryant (fall 2011)

The past week has been quite busy, leaving me several days behind on outfit blogging. But look! I’m wearing pants! On my birthday!

I wore pants on Tuesday partly because I couldn’t find a proper skirt to wear with this fabulous new shirt, and partly because I needed to organize my tights collection. These pants are Right Fit, the Classic Trouser style, bought after they changed from the old numbering system to the new one, that is more similar to their regular pants sizing. There is a huge difference between my waist and my hips (13″) so many pants do not fit me—which is part of the reason I hate wearing pants.

I wore the same outfit on the Sunday before, to my cousin’s fourth birthday party; he was so fascinated by the sparkled flower blossom on my shirt that my aunt needed to remind him that it’s inappropriate to grab ladies’ chests.

One of my coworkers was also fascinated by my “sparkle boob” but she kindly refrained from any grabbing.

Tear-drop earrings

Same earrings that I wore last Friday, plus the set my parents brought back from Alaska, which is getting a lot of wear lately! My parents will be pleased to know I’m getting much use of their gifts.

Squirrel socks

How awesome are the little squirrels on my socks? If Target ever decides to stop selling $1.50 ankle socks, I will be highly upset. Thank goodness for Sock Dreams.


2 thoughts on “Outfitblogging 8 Nov 2011

  1. I have a 14″ disparity between my waist and hips, so I feel you on that. Pants can be a bother!

    Also, happy birthday! I wish I had come around to your blog earlier so I could have wished you well on time, but oh well. I’m gonna try to be more on top of my comments once I get back home from Chicago. (P.S. I’m writing this on the plane! How wacky.)

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