Outfitblogging 15 Nov 2011

Florals and Stripes

Tank top: Lane Bryant (summer 2010)
Cardigan: Target (fall 2011)
Skirt: Fashion Bug (winter 2011)
Earrings: Lane Bryant (fall 2011)
Scarf: Target (fall 2011)
Tights: Lane Bryant (winter 2011)
Shoes: Aerosoles (winter 2011)

Hello, visitors and new readers! You all seemed to have caught me at a bad time, or at the very least, a sick and non-blogging time. I spent much of the past week on the couch, trying to work on the laptop, finishing my dad’s sweater, and taking many naps. This outfit is now a week old, and… what’s up with my hair?

I spent last Tuesday night doing an overnight sleep study, which I’ll post about on my other blog later. The rest of the week was in pajamas, as I’ve previously noted.

Multicolor earrings

These earrings were super cute, but when I bought them I had no ideas for them. This is the first wearing after having them for almost a month! I tried them a few other times, and this is the first time they worked.

Floral scarf

Most of the outfit was built around the scarf, which I’d picked up the night before at Target on a whim. I’d like to add more scarves to my collection, and most of the ones are Target are priced just right. I do have a couple from a thrift find earlier this year. I need to bring them out more.

Tights and flats

Tights and flats. This combination has been seen before, and will most likely be seen again.


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