Commuting kicks

Commuting kicks

My old sneakers were shot. Well, I’ve had them almost two years! I bought a pair of Skechers D’Lites over Valentine’s Day weekend in 2010. I wore them a lot over the past couple years; when I lived in Philadelphia, I walked home from work almost every day when I lived about three miles from work, and every day when I moved a mile and a half closer. Some days I also walked to work, but never if I was running late (i.e. most days).

Back in Philly, at my old job, I wore a lot of jeans and casual pants, things that wouldn’t look out of place with a pair of athletic shoes. But now I dress differently: almost exclusively skirts, with pretty shirts and sweaters instead of tees. I needed new sneakers, but I didn’t want something that was bright and white and obviously a pair of sneakers.

Audi of Fashion for Nerds recently posted about her commuting shoes, “because [she’s] not the sort of gal who will throw on sneakers with anything and swap them once [she gets] to work—the walking shoes have to look reasonable too.” I’m not of a completely opposite opinion, but if my shoes look a little odd with my pencil skirt, I’m not going to worry about it.

Way back in the early Naughties, I suffered through plantar fasciitis, forcing me to wear sneakers to work every day for a while. Although I can now make it through the day in heels or other dress shoes, I still need to relax my feet every once in a while, especially while walking. For any extended distance, sneakers are an absolute must.

My new commute to work consists of 30 minutes driving, then 40 minutes on public transit, plus some time spent waiting in between. While I would love to be able to walk back and forth to work again, I’ve got to work with what I’ve got. I can at least, on some nights, walk about a mile and a half to one of the train stations, instead of taking the bus. This gets me my beloved walk, which then necessitated the new kicks you see above.

While no one would look at these shoes and mistake them for anything but sneakers, they don’t have that obvious look, like my old ones, which I’m keeping around so one day I can dress up as an ’80s power-suit-wearing, subway-taking business woman.


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