Outfitblogging 2 Feb 2012


Cardigan: Lane Bryant (spring 2011)
Tank top: Target (summer 2011)
Belt: Torrid (summer 2008)
Skirt: Lane Bryant (summer 2010)
Tights: We Love Colors (winter 2012)
Shoes: Naturalizer (summer 2008)
Earrings: Lane Bryant (summer 2009)
Necklace: gift from parents, Alaska (fall 2011)

I’ve been wanting to do an outfit like this for a while, but my first thoughts were with pink instead of purple, but as soon as my latest We Love Colors order came in, I switched it up. Purple! How awesome is this color?

I bought this cardigan from the clearance rack at Lane Bryant shortly before my and Joanna’s cross-country road trip of awesome, thinking it would be really cute with my rockabilly outfits. Well, yes, it was!


What’s this? It’s the hematite necklace without its sister! I mixed it up here, changing out the posts for large disc earrings. Cousins, is how my friend A.G. would refer to these.


None of my photos from this day capture the amazing color of these purple tights just right. Let me assure you, they are most rich and awesome.


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