Outfitblogging 14 Feb 2012

Kimono sweater and pants

Sweater: Lane Bryant (fall 2008)
Pants: Lane Bryant (fall 2008)
Earrings: Torrid (winter 2012)
Necklace: Lane Bryant (fall 2003)
Socks: Handknit, Charade, using Superwash Me (fall 2009)
Shoes: Dansko, at DSW (winter 2012)

There are quite a few things I love about this outfit, but after seeing this full-body shot of myself, I finally realize what bothers me about this sweater: uniboob! Whenever I put on this sweater, I feel like the material is too light, and I end up wearing an Andrea-skin-toned camisole underneath. It must pull across my chest, causing the sweater to not lay right between my breasts. I’ve now got a few ideas on fixing this issue in the future.


New hoop earrings! These were on the same set as the owl earrings, and I think I got a really good deal with that. These are more copper, I think, but that goes just fine with some of my clothing. I’m sure these will be styled again… a lot.

Handknit socks and Danskos

Again with the Danskos, and my favorite handknit (by me!) socks. Sadly, these little guys got a tiny hole in the top of the foot, and I do not know how to darn. These may be limited until I can figure out a new knitting skill set.

Sorry about the delay, folks. I thought I had posted this two days ago, but there is was, sitting in my drafts folder!


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