Outfitblogging 14 Apr 2012


Shirt: Old Navy (spring 2012)
Tank top: Lane Bryant (summer 2010)
Pants: Lane Bryant (summer 2010)
Socks: Target (winter 2012)
Shoes: Dansko, at DSW (winter 2012)
Earrings: Lane Bryant (summer 2010)
Necklace: thrifted, from Impact, Norristown PA (spring 2011)

Holy crap, I look just like my mother in this photo! It’s weird, because while I do look a lot like my maternal grandmother, I mostly resemble my father. Most of the time, when someone mentions how much I look like my mom, my mother’s first reply is, “What? Are you serious?”

This outfit was not worn by my mother. I spent Saturday running errands with Matt, eating lunch at IKEA, and seeing Cabin in the Woods again. Twice in one weekend! I would have seen it again, if I hadn’t gotten some sort of food poisoning.


Stripes! I want more stripes. I grew up hearing that women, especially “stout” women, should not wear horizontal stripes. Ha! If I had my way, that’s all I would wear, every day this summer. I also like the yellow beads with the orange and white stripes. I almost wore those bold pink earrings again, but thought that would be too much.


The Danskos are my second favorite pair of shoes. They are good for standing and walking. I think my shoes will start being more functional and less “high-heeled prettiness” now that I’m walking more. But that just means it’s time to buy more shoes, yes?


3 thoughts on “Outfitblogging 14 Apr 2012

  1. Thanks! I do love these pants. I like grey and olive for neutrals better than the traditional khaki color. Alas, these pants are no longer. I wore them again today, and they ripped! In an inoperable location. If only they’d torn at a seam instead!

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