Outfitblogging 18 May 2012

Bow ties are cool

Dress: eShakti (spring 2012)
Sweater: Hand-knit Marigold Sweater, using Hempathy
Socks: Target (fall 2011)
Shoes: Sofft, at DSW (spring 2009)
Earrings: Target (summer 2011)

How awesome is this dress? If Tuesday’s dress is now my favorite, this one comes in a very close second. It’s way shorter than most of the dresses I wear, but it’s not completely scandalous. I mean, I’m wearing it to work right now, and have gotten nothing but compliments.

Oh, and the name of the dress? Bow ties are cool. Geekgasm.

The sweater is my own knit! If you are so craftily inclined, you can read my project update in detail over at the Social Knitworking blog. There are a few things I would change if I knit this again, but I’m still super happy with the sweater itself.


I added a blue tank top under the dress, but if I were to wear this on date night, I’d probably just go with a plunge bra instead. The green in the earrings is reflected somewhere in the dress, I’m sure, and keeps it a little bit more interesting than simple hoops.

Squirrel socks and mary janes

I thought I had socks with little bows on them, but they escape me. I figured it would be fine, matching the color of the socks to the tank top, regardless of squirrels. Who doesn’t love squirrels?


4 thoughts on “Outfitblogging 18 May 2012

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