Outfitblogging 27 May 2012

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Tankini: Fashion Bug (summer 2009)
Bikini Top: Panache, from Bravissimo (summer 2009)
Sandals: Columbia, at Famous Footwear (summer 2010)
Hat: Nine West, at Macy’s (spring 2010)

A little over a week ago, I wrote a post about “beach bodies” and size acceptance, in it linking to the amazing fat girl bikini gallery over at xoJane. Then the fabulous Grown and Curvy Woman posted photos from her fun-looking weekend in Atlantic City… so I figured it was appropriate to put my money where my mouth is.

I’m not really a big fan of the skirted swimsuit bottom anymore, unless it’s actually part of a really cute design and not just made to make ladies hide their thighs, but I couldn’t find my favorite one-piece snakeskin print (the top part of which can be seen in the “Beach Bodies” post). I seriously considered wearing the bikini top alone, without the tankini top, but decided against it, mostly because I didn’t want to worry about slathering myself with that much sunscreen.

Most suits do not provide enough support for my breasts, so you can imagine my great relief in finding bikini tops sized like bras! I bought mine at Bravissimo a few years ago, but you can also find them at Bare Necessities. I’m sure other retailers have them as well.

Have you any luck finding great-fitting swimwear or playsuits? I’ve seen some great made-to-order suits on Etsy, like ones at this shop. Holy balls, I want all the swimwear!


I like to keep covered up to avoid getting the dreaded sunburn. This hat came from Macy’s, where I have bought quite a few awesome hats. The hat, however, did not join me when I went swimming. I’m sure they make hats for swimming, right? Or at least water-safe ones for lounging on pool floats with frosty beverages.


When visiting my parents at their campground, I usually shy away from wearing socks. There is sand everywhere, and unless it’s cold, I’ve got something on my feet than can easily be removed and shaken out.


4 thoughts on “Outfitblogging 27 May 2012

  1. Mia says:

    Old-timey suits are so popular now, I bet you could find yourself a swim cap for some head coverage. Probably wouldn’t have the brim of a proper sun hat, though.

    Also, you look like you’re having so much frickin’ fun, I’m totally jealous. I haven’t gone swimming once this summer…although I guess it’s up to me to plan it out if I really want to go. (And boy, do I ever. I miss everyday swimming…)

  2. This swimsuit is adorable! I actually am a big proponent of skirted swimsuits, because it’s not so much about making me hide my thighs as letting me hide my thighs. Iiiii’m not a fan of them on me, but that’s personal.

    I strongly desire your hat, yo.

  3. @GACW: You look so happy in your bathing suit, and like you are having a fun afternoon. I did feel a little apprehensive about posting my bathing suit, but I think the more of us do it, the easier it will be.

    @Mia: I did have fun! I swam in the lake, then in the “activity pool”, which I think is meant for kids, but my brother and I kinda have this tradition now, of taking it over once most of the little ones have gone for dinner.

    @Tia: My resentment of skirted swim bottoms grew a little bit after I discovered size acceptance, and ran into nothing but. For a while, I only shopped at Target, Lane Bryant, and Fashion Bug (so those things make up the bulk of my wardrobe, still) and could only find these kinds of bottoms. I got frustrated with the lack of variety. So… I don’t think I have anything against them in and of themselves, but only because I felt like I had to wear them.

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