Dealing with early mornings

I am a "certified developer".

The past week was an exhausting and tiring one for me. My days began a full two hours earlier than usual, which led to cranky mornings and low-energy evenings. Sometimes I wish I could be a “normal” person with the ability to wake up before 10am and be bright, or at least coherent. It will never happen.

The downside to all those early mornings? No outfit photos. In an effort to make the morning smoother, and limit the chances of something going wrong, I wore mostly dresses, and outfits that I had previously worn. Things I knew worked took away the time figuring out outfits, a skill I lack the earlier I wake up in the morning.

Some things I wore: the dress orange flower-print dress, the empire-waist sundress over a brown shirt, the pink jersey-knit dress (sans tights and sweater), and the maroon and cream patterned dress (with cardigan and not green shirt).

I made it through the week. I wore clothes! I did end up forgetting things most days, but not once did I stand in front of my closet crying. Crying because I was wrecked, yes, but not because I ran out of things to wear.

However, I did manage to complete my training, and come away with a headful of knowledge about Drupal development. Hooray for that! I now hope to return to my regular morning routine, with outfit photos and blog posts.

How are you in the mornings? Are you a night owl, like me? Do you rise with the sun, or dread the morning light? When you simply have to do something against your schedule, how do you deal with it?


2 thoughts on “Dealing with early mornings

  1. Mia says:

    Heyyy, congratulations! I know jack-all about Drupal, so it’s good that there are folks like you out there who do.

    I am most definitely NOT a morning person, which means that our conversion a month ago to summer hours (where we arrive 30min-1hr earlier and leave 30min-1hr earlier, with half-days on Fridays) have been kinda rough. The only thing that’s saved me is that my commute is only five minutes…still, ay. I usually deal by slapping off my alarm, oversleeping, and then pulling myself together in 30 seconds before dashing out the door. Not ideal, I wouldn’t recommend it.

  2. My sweet commute is about 10 minutes, and 15 if I stop for coffee and a bagel. I work really hard to not wake up and run out the door, but that is rough for me.

    In high school, I would jump out of bed and throw on my uniform when I heard my mom answer the door for my walk-to-school friends. Some nights I just slept in my school clothes. I do not recommend that either.

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