Outfitblogging 19 July 2012

Maxi dress

Dress: Lane Bryant (summer 2012)
Sweater: Lane Bryant (summer 2012)
Necklace: Lane Bryant (summer 2012)
Shoes: Spring Step, at DSW (summer 2011)

The past few weeks have been hectic and rushed, as will the next few, I imagine. I’ve been to a family funeral and had to schedule emergency wig shopping—unrelated issues!—which I’ll post about soon. I’m also getting into vacation time, and while I’ll do my best to take outfit shots over the break, I’m not sure how good I’ll be at posting them.

I’ve broken my summer shopping ban, another thing I’d like to post about soon. The afternoon before driving up to Philadelphia for a funeral, I wanted to make sure I had appropriate clothing, and stopped over at Lane Bryant, mostly because it’s quite near to Matt’s house, and I know they’ll have clothes to fit me. (Fit me well, that’s another story!) Along with the summer sweater, I nabbed this great maxi dress. I’d wanted something similar for a while, and now I’ve got one!

Chunky necklace

I also gobbled up a couple necklaces, because I’m still learning how to accessorize. The orange in this looks so nice against the purple dress. It sure was clanky during the work day, though. I’m glad I didn’t wear this one to the funeral.

Tan sandals

I’ve had these shoes for a while, and find them more comfortable than I do other wedges. They are also surprising decent for walking the half-mile to work.


3 thoughts on “Outfitblogging 19 July 2012

  1. Mia says:

    Oh man, this is a really good color for you! And you know I’m all about the big clanky (orange!!) necklaces, although it was probably a good call not to wear it to the funeral.

  2. That is a gorgeous, rich purple color! I got caught up in looking at your Halloween post, though, and you MUST do a Firefly outfit in the future. I’m pretty sure it’s required. (:

  3. Thanks to you both for the compliments on the color! I tried on this dress in grey first, in a size slightly too small. The next size up wasn’t in grey, so I pulled on the purple one just to check the sizing. I ended up liking this color even more.

    @Sarah: now that I’m learning to sew, my dream project is Kaylee’s “Shindig” dress. I will make that one day!

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