Outfitblogging 23 July 2012

Gaslight dress

Dress: eShakti (fall 2011)
Camisole: Target (summer 2012)
Cardigan: Target (summer 2011)
Earrings: gift from mom (fall 2009)
Socks: Target (summer 2012)
Shoes: Bamboo, at ModCloth (winter 2012)

I hadn’t worn this in a while! I kept trying it on with different shirts underneath, and I thought perhaps the dress just didn’t fit anymore. Turns out I need to wear a thinner tank or cami, and it’s just fine. It does, however, take 15 minutes to put on because I can’t seem to hold the side in just the right position to zip it up easily. Side-zip dresses were not made for independent women living on their own.

Flower disc earrings

I don’t remember why I chose not to wear a necklace that day, but I did reach for these earrings because they match with pretty much most of my things.

Pink and cream oxfords

The return of the pink and cream oxfords! There’s really no excuse for the length of time between wearings. No excuse at all.


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