Vacation packing list


Today I leave for my epic two-week vacation, including exotic far-away spots such as Orlando, FL and Seattle, WA. Since I have a tendency to overpack (especially underpants), but I want to be able to carry-on my luggage, I’ve tried to create a remixable wardrobe for the next 14 days.

For inspiration, I called on two posts from Audrey: one specifically about packing for her trip and one about a more general remixable packing wardrobe. I didn’t copy her lists exactly, but I referenced them while putting my own pieces together.

Since I’m going from one corner of the contiguous states to the opposite corner, I needed to pack things that could work in both locations, even with the climate changes from hot and humid to mild and breezy. Things that could be layered were added to make the transitions easier.

Nerdy clothing is practically a must for Nerdapalooza, the nerdcore and geek rock music festival I’m attending in Orlando, and three costumes are planned for GeekGirlCon in Seattle. Since some of the items are explicitly for costumes, I added other clothing that could mix-and-match with those pieces for different outfits. If I couldn’t pair something with at least three other things packed, it didn’t get included! I also decided to go with completely non-canon footwear for my costumes, so that I could bring shoes that go with a wider variety of outfits. I didn’t want to pack 87 pair of shoes.

So what have I packed?

My first tee shirt alteration #sewing Doctor Who-ville Leia "Rebel"

Three nerdy tee shirts, two of which I altered.

Orange and white striped shirt Grey scoop-neck shirt Grey long-sleeved tee shirt

Three casual shirts: one striped and two solid.

Black embellished tank top Lime gree camisole Lightweight floral scarf

One embellished tank top and one camisole. One lightweight floral scarf.

Comic book skirt Khaki skirt Green striped seersucker skirt

Three skirts I sewed myself: one comic book print, one khaki, one striped seersucker.

Dark grey plaid slacks Denim capris

One pair of dark plaid slacks and one pair of denim capris.

Orange flower print dress Pink hoodie

One greatest dress. One pink hoodie.

Not pictured above, but still packed, are a blue knit blazer, a lightweight purple cardigan, three pair of shoes (Dansko mary janes, Dansko canvas sneakers, black strappy sandals), and the travelling clothes I am wearing. Even though I have fit everything into my carry-on, along with shoes, underpants, bras, socks, jewelry, toiletries, and make-up, I still feel like I may have overpacked. Granted, this is still a lot less than I have packed in the past, and for much shorter vacations. I’m fairly new to the whole remixable wardrobe ideas, and I’ve only been at my blog for under a year. With some experience, I’m sure I’ll be able to come up with the perfect packing list for a future vacation.

I’m hoping to get as many outfit photos as possible. While on vacation, I tend to take pictures of my surroundings, of cool landmarks, of new friends, of tasty food… and totally forget to take any of myself. (This is how I ended up on a two-week road trip with barely any photographs of myself.) Another goal for myself for this adventure!


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