Outfitblogging 11 Aug 2012

Me as @feliciaday's "Charlie Bradbury" from Supernatural (Ssn 7) #ggc12

Tee shirt: WeLoveFine (summer 2012)
Hoodie: Old Navy (summer 2012)
Blazer: ASOS (summer 2012)
Jeans: Torrid (summer 2012)
Socks (not visible): Target (summer 2012)
Shoes (not visible): Target (summer 2012)
Lanyard: Amazon.com (summer 2012)
Purse: handmade, sewn by me (winter 2012)
Wig: Lois A. Wigs, Philadelphia PA (summer 2012)

I had grand plans to take outfit photos all over my Orlando and Seattle vacations, but pretty much failed each and every day. I was able to get the above photo in! While I had my likeness photographed by the official GeekGirlCon backdrop, those photos are not available online yet. (ETA: That photo is now available.) A very nice fellow con-goer snapped this picture of me at the concert on Saturday night. My costume that day was “Charlie Bradbury”, Felicia Day’sy character from a season 7 episode of Supernatural.

Without being too spoilery, here is a reference shot from that episode:

Screencap of Supernatural S7e20

So… my glasses are not canon—I forgot to take them off for this photo—and neither is my bag, but if you’ve seen this episode, you would understand that this purse is totally something that Charlie would have.

I was hoping for more Supernatural cosplay at the con, because a mini-photo shoot would have been great. At least two other people did recognize my costume though, which made me feel that I was doing something right. Later that night, when I tweeted about my cosplay, I got this response:

Better than any costume contest award ever.


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