First blogiversary


Happy birthday! Not to me, specifically, but to the blog. It’s been about a year since I started this little experiment, and while I’ve been feeling hot, cranky, and uninspired about style recently, I’m not ready to give up. Looking back over the past year could get me excited for the next one, yes?

I’ve learned that my summer style is quite blah. It hasn’t helped that this summer, in particular, has been overly hot, and that Washington DC is just about the most humid place ever. Seriously, when I stepped off the train home from Orlando, it felt much more gross than it had the entire weekend in Florida. I haven’t yet figured out that sweet spot between my style, which is still evolving, and dressing for heat-and-humidity.

I’m looking forward to cooler weather coming, so I can pull out all my tights and scarves and cardigans again. Last year’s winter, although mild, still provided many opportunities for layering and playing with clothing. I just picked up some yarn for which to make two sweaters! Sweaters! I’m also going to try making some outfits based on my style board on Pinterest.

Since I’ve been having trouble with my camera lately, and have no recent outfits to show yet, I’ll round out the post with some of my favorite outfits from the last year.

Orange stripe-edge skirt with cardigan Argyle sweater with skirt and tights Handknit sweater with plaid skirt Tweed blazer with blouse and skirt Blue shirt with pencil skirt Cardigan and belted tunic over maxi skirt 100_3282 Windflower Dress Comic book skirt and tee shirt


3 thoughts on “First blogiversary

  1. Happy Blogiversary! I’m glad you’re not giving up. And summer is hard for me too. I love the sunshine, but I don’t want to wear much in the way of clothes. I can’t imagine adding humidity to the mix of heat and laziness. I’d probably just stay in. ;-)

  2. Happy Blogiversary!! I frakking hate summer. It’s nearly impossible to work up the gumption to do anything at all for me. I just feel perpetually tired and dragged down.

    Good luck making sweaters! I’ve zero knitting skills, so I’m sure you’re going to impress the heck out of me.

  3. Looking back over the past year, it’s easier to see which styles and outfits are my favorite, which could help in choosing future clothing items. Maybe next summer will see better outfits!

    I’m almost done one of my sweaters, but it won’t be cool enough for a little while more.

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