Outfitblogging 24 Sep 2012


Shirt: Target (summer 2011)
Cardigan: Target (summer 2011)
Scarf: Target (summer 2011)
Jeans: Torrid (summer 2012)
Earrings: Torrid (summer 2012)
Socks: Target
Shoes: Naturalizer, at DSW (summer 2012)

Over Labor Day weekend this year, I got a call from my supervisor that there was an issue with work. We’d pushed some code into production that was mostly thoroughly tested—we’d missed one tiny but crucial thing. Luckily, my parents’ campground has wifi access! I spent much of the weekend at their trailer on my work laptop, fixing the issues.

Because of that, I had a couple comp days accumulated at work, and spent last Monday not in the office, but with friends in Delaware. I picked up some bras I’d ordered from my favorite lingerie shop, ate a delicious lunch, and took photos of yarn in a lovely park.


My friends and I explored the park, which used to be someone’s personal estate. The mansion was closed to tours that day, but the carriage house was open. We didn’t expect to see anyone inside, but we improvised and told the venue organizer that I was getting married. (Hey! It could happen one day.) She gave us the grand tour.


It was a great day to spend outside with friends, catching up on lives and pointing out cute dogs in the park.


3 thoughts on “Outfitblogging 24 Sep 2012

  1. @Tia: I have so many more scarves that I want to wear this fall and winter. Target is pretty good for reasonable prices.

    @Shannon: I’ve been inspired by a few other bloggers wearing outfits with shades of the same color, and I’m glad I could pass that idea along!

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