Outfitblogging 15 Oct 2012

Knit dress and cardigan

Dress: eShakti (fall 2012)
Cardigan: Lane Bryant (summer 2012)
Earrings: Optimystical Studios, at GeekGirlCon (summer 2012)
Necklace: Claire’s (fall 2008)
Socks: Target
Shoes: Naturalizer, at DSW (summer 2012)

I’ve mentioned before about my awesome pink jersey dress being as comfortable as wearing pajamas, but I think we’ve got a new contender for that title. This great dress came in last week’s mail, along with another I’ll be wearing soon. Like my other eShakti dresses, the fit is amazing, except for the shoulders; those are a little baggy. Nothing a decent cardigan can’t fix!

I did try on a few different sweaters, but like the fall of the long one best. The others hit too close to the waist, and did battle with the details of the dress. I love the lattice pattern here, and didn’t want the hem of a sweater competing with that.

Tardis earrings

With the blue-ish grey of the dress, I thought the Tardis earrings would bring a little more color into the mix…

Black and grey argyle socks with flats

…but then I toned it down again with grey and black socks instead.


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