Outfitblogging 1 Nov 2012

Cowl-neck sweater and plaid skirt

Sweater: Hand-knit Francis Revisited, using Ultra Alpaca (summer 2012)
Skirt: Jones New York, from Goodwill (spring 2012)
Earrings: Optimystical Studios, at Geek Girl Con (summer 2012)
Necklace: gift from mom (fall 1994)
Socks: Sock Dreams (spring 2012)
Shoes: Dansko, at DSW (winter 2012)

Oh, I felt I had been waiting forever to wear this sweater, when it actually, it was barely two months. I knit this lovely in a mere 10 days, if you can believe that, and was hoping to wear it when my knitting group travelled to the NY Sheep & Wool festival. Nope! That weekend, it was in the upper 60s (F), and too warm for alpaca/wool-blend sweaters.

Copper and blue earrings

Earrings bought at the con because they were Tardis blue. I’ve also had this necklace for a long, long time. It goes back at least 18 years, because there is a photo of me with my best friend and my boyfriend at Christmas 1994, and I am wearing this necklace.

Socks and Danskos

Love these socks. Love these shoes. I wondered if the longer skirt and the taller socks would look weird, but I’m diggin’ it.


3 thoughts on “Outfitblogging 1 Nov 2012

  1. This is probably my favorite outfit you have worn. I like this even more than the dress I absolutely love and want for my own. Of course, fall/winter clothes are my favorite. I really like the colors in this outfit, as well as the cut of the skirt, and I’m in love with that sweater! You are amazing at knitting! I can only hope to one day get to the point where I can finish a scarf (I can crochet, but I’m just beginning to learn to knit). Plus cowl necks are the best. I just love the way this entire ensemble comes together.

  2. Mia says:

    Agreed with Crystal, this is excelente! I’ll have to recreate this sometime soon. (I especially like the way you tied the necklace–I wish I had more long necklaces I could play with like that!)

  3. @Crystal: I like this outfit for the same reasons I like my favorite dress. The styles are different, to be sure, but the fit of the whole thing together falls on me in similar ways. This skirt is one of my thrifted finds I am most happy with, and I recently bought some fabric to sew up a copycat, with a change of color and plaid.

    @Mia: this is a little trick that my mother taught me when I was in high school, and discovering that some of my necklaces were no longer working because my boobs were getting bigger.

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