What a spectacle!

attack of the eyeglasses

I realized last week that it had been well over two years since my last eye exam, and I do like to get them as often as my insurance will allow. While my new eye plan isn’t as extensive as the one with my previous job, it’s still pretty good. I made an appointment for a Sunday visit, and made sure to take some photos of frames.

Being Sunday, the store was not very busy at all. I got there early to fill out my new patient forms, and took a look at the selection while waiting for the doctor to call me back into her office. Many of the frames were not as bold as I would like (see the awesome vintage frames above!) but I was still able to find a few that called out to me.

Frame shape can dramatically change the look of an outfit, and while I was unable to grab full body-shots, I did get pics of the three I liked best.

New glasses search: yay or nay? Glasses, style #2 Superhero mask glasses!

The three specs shown above each have different shapes, and each gives off distinct vibes for unique style. The first, which people on Twitter seemed to like best on me, are lighter in color and go well with my eyes. The frame shape is suitable for business wear; this, I’m sure, would look great with my suit.

When I tried on the middle pair, I immediately wanted to go back in time to high school, and sit around my boyfriend’s parents’ dining room table, playing D & D and Vampire: the Masquerade. I didn’t have this style of glasses then, myself, but a few of the other folks in the group did. My friend K said these were totally his dad’s glasses.

The third pair? Superhero glasses! While the first two may be the ones I wear in my every day secret identity, these are the ones I wear to go with my cape and cowl. I wouldn’t even need a mask! The black may be a little dark for my face, but I’m sure with a bolder hair color, these would be awesome.

Top of the glasses list?

In the end, I ordered a pair of tortoise/orange browlines. They are similar to my current glasses, but a bit more square instead of rectangle. It was probably the color that attracted me the most. I’ll have the complete set, with my new prescription, in a couple weeks.

In the meantime, I’m searching the internet for additional bold frames. So far, I’ve found great styles at The Vintage Optical Shop and Coastal, but I’m also intrigued by the 5-day at-home try-on service from Warby Parker.

Do you consider your glasses as part of your outfit? Or do you have one pair that goes with everything? Do you go bold or blend in?

Top photo credit: “attack of the eyeglasses” from James Vaughan


2 thoughts on “What a spectacle!

  1. Oh, I LOVE the pair you ordered. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’m going to go with something similar when I get my new glasses; my appointment is in a couple of weeks.

    And I usually only go with one pair. It might work out that I get two this time around, but usually I just get my glasses and then a pair of sunglasses.

  2. I like the frames you ended up choosing out of those four the most (and pair number two was totally my dad’s glasses during my childhood).

    I personally have two pairs of glasses, one “hazel” pair of Ed Hardy glasses (seen here: http://goo.gl/fSrRb) to go with my brown shoes/purse, and one rectangular-ish pair of very dark purple glasses that can pass as black whose brand I don’t even know. They also have magnetic sun lenses that “clip” on to them with the magnets. Technically, as they are purple, I don’t feel weird wearing them with brown clothing, and I often do. I usually reserve my brown glasses for when I’m going out with Aaron or visiting with friends.because the snake wrapped around the frames is a rough metal and irritates my skin if I wear it too long. They look pretty badass, though. I wear the dark purple frames almost all of the time, though. Even when I go to the gym. I have no fear about sweating while wearing those frames or taking them in the shower since they’re plastic. I couldn’t do that with the Ed Hardy glasses because while the frames around the lenses are plastic, the “temple” as they call it (I call it the “arms”) are metal.

    When I first got glasses, I really really wanted a pair of thick frames, like what I have now. I was talked out of it by the saleswoman who thought they were stupid, and I ended up getting wire frames that I always thought looked too wide for my face. I regretted letting someone else make my choice for me rather than go with what I want. I like my frames bold and geeky, yet also able to go with dresses. I don’t know if I pulled it off, but I like what I’ve chosen. I consider my glasses to be like my earrings. They’re a necessity, but they’re also like an accessory to me. I could never wear contacts. I like my glasses too much!

    Aaron and I are getting our eyes checked after we get back from our cruise, but I’m not even sure if his insurance covers yearly visits, let alone new glasses every year. He has diabetes, though, so we have to get him as least check out every year, and since he’s going, I figure I might as well go too. My eyes feel like they may need to have the prescription tweaked. I’ll have to see if his insurance is going to cover new glasses before I do that, though.

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