Warby Parker and the 5-day at-home try-on

Warby Parker glasses

Last week, I picked up my new eyeglasses, and while I am so far enjoying them, I’m already thinking about my next pair. I mentioned in that post that I was intrigued by the 5-day at-home try-on service from Warby Parker, so let’s talk about that, shall we?

For my at-home try-on, I picked four pair of everyday eyeglasses, plus one pair of sunglasses. I placed my order last Tuesday, and received my package on Friday. Today is the day to send back my trial pairs. I am indecisive, and hope the internet can help me reach a conclusion.

And if all else fails, I get none of these, ask to try on another five, and the epic quest continues.

Nedwin Nedwin

I thought I would like Nedwin best, especially with the green color, but I’m not really feeling it. These may be too short for my face.

Ellsworth Ellsworth

Similar style, but not as short. I am feeling Ellsworth more than the Nedwin. These also fit the best of the bunch.

Quincy Quincy

I wanted to try the Quincy in Brushed Opal instead, but all the try-on pairs were out. I like the style, but I think the Brushed Ink is a little too dark on my face.

Walden Walden

The style of Walden is beating the others. Hard to see in these photos, there is a nice print to the arms that pretty great.

Evelyn Evelyn

Evelyn looks good, but these are too big. They’d be sliding down my face in five minutes. I’ll look for a similar style with a smaller frame.

I now turn it over to you. Which ones do you prefer? Would you buy prescription eyeglasses online? Have you bought any already? What are your favorite style of glasses?


4 thoughts on “Warby Parker and the 5-day at-home try-on

  1. Karl says:

    I would probably pick the Ellsworth based on looks, and I definitely recommend picking pretty much anything based on comfort.

  2. Mia says:

    I think the Walden is quite nice! I’ve gotten my glasses twice now from ZenniOptical (not as fancy as Warby Parker) and I’ve been pleased both times.

  3. Based on comments and my own feelings, I’ve pretty much narrowed it down to Ellsworth and Walden. There are different colors in those styles, so what I end up with may not be exactly what I’ve tried on here.

    @Karl: Agreed! I definitely am not one to choose solely on style. I mean, yes, that’s always the first thing I see, especially online, but… it’s like wearing 4-inch stilettos to a 5-hour wedding. I’m not gonna do it just because it looks cute.

    @Stephanie: Sadly, the Ellsworth only comes in Brushed Platinum or Brushed Ink. I wish it was available in green, because I love that color! Green is my favorite, and that’s what attracted me to Nedwin in the first place.

    @Mia: Oh man, I did not know about ZenniOptical before your comment, but now I think I need to buy all the glasses. There’s a deep pink/purple pair of animal print cat-eye that I’m sure need to be in my collection.

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