Organization and the effects on style

Talking Picture Flat

I’ve taken a somewhat unofficial blogging break as I recover from the past few months and gear up for the holidays and the new year. I’ve been focusing on some “me time” with self-reflection and with a good old-fashioned apartment cleaning spree.

Part of that apartment cleaning included switching around some furniture for increased usability and unpacking things from moving boxes. (What? I only moved in this past spring.) I finally took inventory of my shoe collection, going through the ones I wear most and the ones I keep for special occasions. Well, look at this! A pair of the Talking Picture Flat brogues I ordered from ModCloth back in April. Yes, April, over eight months ago.

When I first tried these on, they were a little snug in the toebox, and I set them aside until I could properly break them in. They sat lonely, in their box, in the side corner of my apartment, where I promptly forgot about them. In my renewed interest to create a more cozy and livable space, I decided that my shoes needed to be stored closer to my wardrobe, where they could be easily accessed. Hiding in an unused corner behind the front door was obviously doing no good.

Living in a studio basement apartment can have its up and downs, but for the most part, I absolutely love it. Learning how to construct an organized and usable space, however, can be a little bit more daunting, leaving me with unworn shoes for more than half a year. Parts of the apartment are still a mess, but I hope to have a post up with my thoughts and photos sometime after the new year.

How do you organize your living space, and how does that affect your style? Do you store your clothes and accessories all in one place? How do you deal with loved items that rarely get worn?


One thought on “Organization and the effects on style

  1. Mia says:

    My stuff is scattered through the house! Actually, most of my clothes are in the living room, which makes it marginally more of a chore to get dressed in the morning if I don’t have an outfit prepped from the night before. I DID just get an over-the-door shoe rack for my clothes closet, though, which I lo-hu-huuuuve and which has made my shoe collection soooo much more visible. I’d definitely recommend one if you can go for it. I have this one:

    It has mixed reviews but I haven’t had any problem with the shoes being too heavy or the rack falling down yet. The biggest problem is that a few of my sandals tend to slide off easily, but I just put them on the lowest part of the rack so they don’t have far to fall.

    Uhhh, anyway! I hope the break serves you well, and happy holidays!

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