Happy new year!

Penn's Landing fireworks

The past few months have been both hectic and boring. I’ve done a lot of travelling back and forth between DC and Philadelphia, first when my grandfather was in the hospital, then for his funeral, and then again for the seasonal end-of-year holidays. When I finally got back to work, I found myself deeply engrossed in a new project, which is exciting but leaves little time for style blogging.

Instead of going on and on about why I haven’t been blogging, let’s just check out some highlights from the past month, yes?


My knitting group chose Wingspan as a fall/winter knit-a-long, and I finished mine a few days before the Christmas break. It’s mind-numbingly simple, and I could knit this while watching Law & Order, barely paying attention to either. I love it. I want to knit 87 more of these.

Yule bonfire

I attended a Yule hayride and bonfire at an orchard not terribly far from my parents’. The night started with an evening hayride out to the apple trees, where we all sang carols around the fire. We then took little cups of cider to pour on the trees to wish them luck in the new year.

My grandparents' dishes

My parents needed to clear out my grandfather’s apartment before the end of the year. My mom’s cousin’s son, who’s in his early 20s, took some of the furniture, but my parents set aside my grandparents’ everyday dishes for me. When we clean out the house, I’ll also take the good china, the china cabinet, and the dining room set.

Ferko #mummers

I spent New Year’s Day with Matt, K, and C on Broad Street in Philadelphia for the Mummers Parade. While the parade is often filled with blatant sexist and racist elements, I can’t stay away completely, since my father and brother both participate, and my family’s been involved in some way since they first arrived in the neighborhood at the turn of the last century. But holy balls, was there such a blowup about Ferko’s “minstrel show” performance this year! In the photo above, you can see members in “blackface”, sporting golliwogs on their costumes. Attending the parade with three people who didn’t grow up in the culture, two of whom had never even seen the parade before, led to quite an afternoon discussing Philadelphia tradition, cis white male privilege, and the intersection of racism and classism. We’re hoping that as older members leave, retire, or die, the newer, younger members will bring more diversity and tolerance to the organization.

So, how did you spend your new year?


4 thoughts on “Happy new year!

  1. My family is going to start cleaning out Pop’s house next weekend. There is a whole closet still filled with my grandmother’s coats, dresses, and shoes! She passed away eight years ago. I’ll probably have a few more things to say about them in upcoming posts.

    The parade… the club above claimed they were paying tribute and not being offensive, but if that’s true, it shows how deep they are engrossed in their privilege, and how much they don’t fully understand the history associated with it. My friend K said, it’s like they know they aren’t allowed to perform in blackface, but they don’t understand the reasons why.

  2. Mia says:

    Happy new year, dudette. I hope 2013 is good to you–that shawl? wrap? thing is goooorgeous and makes me want to learn how to knit, a little bit.

  3. It’s a super easy knit, if you feel the urge to learn. I would definitely recommend it as a beginner project! On the other hand, if you were to suggest a color, you could maybe find one in your mailbox one day.

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