Outfitblogging 18 Jan 2013

Skinny jeans and cowl neck sweater

Sweater: Lane Bryant (fall 2011)
Jeans: Torrid (summer 2012)
Socks: DSW
Shoes: Naturalizer, at DSW (fall 2012)
Earrings: Target (summer 2011)

Friday’s outfit was fairly casual for two reasons: I had an after-work happy hour, and I was heading to my grandparents’ house for the weekend.

The happy hour was actually a team meeting for karaoke. Yes! I joined karaoke league, and our first competition is this week. As one of the newbies, I was volunteered to perform a solo this week. Oh dear.

We spent Saturday at my grandparents’ house, going through closets and cleaning out junk. Growing up, their house was always tidy, and I never imagined that hidden behind those doors was such a collection of… things. I’ll post more about some of my finds later this week.

Green disc earrings

I nearly forgot I had these earrings! I originally put on my simple copper hoops, then I spied these hanging out on the second earring rack. I switched it up at the last minute.

Brown striped socks

The brown striped socks matched the sweater, and the black flats were easy and comfortable for all my weekend activities, which also included a long late afternoon spent at Wegman’s.


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