Outfitblogging 11 Feb 2013

Polka dot dress and cardigan

Dress: eShakti (winter 2013)
Cardigan: saved from my grandmother’s closet
Earrings: Optimystical Studios, at GeekGirlCon (summer 2012)
Tights: WeLoveColors (winter 2012)
Shoes: Wanted, at ModCloth (spring 2012)

For a couple weeks, I was down with a terrible sickness. I learned the hard way that the flu shot does not in fact cover all strains of influenza. One day, I tried to go to work, and made it as far as the bagel shop across the street from my apartment. Then, once I was pretty much back to full capacity, I fell down my stairs. Nothing broken, except my glasses, which I was able to piece back together.

Outfit-wise, I’m sticking with what I know. This is nearly identical to the one I wore last month, but this time, I’ve added my grandmother’s cardigan and ivory tights. The cardigan is one of two that I saved from my grandmother’s closet when we cleaned out my grandparents’ house a few weeks ago. The sweater fits a little big, but it is cozy and comforting.

Green drop earrings and silver necklace

These are the same earrings I wore before, but I decided to add a necklace this time around. I kept it simple, and let the polka dots in the dress do most of the work.

Tights and oxford brogues

These shoes are more comfortable! After a few wears, the heel posts were pushing up into the insole, digging into my feet. I picked up a pair of gel heel cushion inserts, and all is right with the world again.


2 thoughts on “Outfitblogging 11 Feb 2013

  1. Mia says:

    Ayyyy, what a bummer about the sickness and the fall! I’m getting over a cold myself, and health never felt so good. Anyhow, I really came here to say that I love the combination of greens you have going here–that cardigan looks like the coziest thing on the planet.

  2. It is super cozy, which is why I don’t mind it being a little big. I also have yarn sitting around my apartment, for which to make more sweaters and cardigans, and I never get around to it. This wasn’t hand-knit, but that’s OK! The style reminds me of those I’ve seen on ’90s-era Law and Order, and more importantly, it reminds me of my grandmother.

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