Outfitblogging 22 Feb 2013

Cardigan, shirt, jeans, oxfords

Shirt: Fashion Bug (winter 2011)
Cardigan: saved from my grandmother’s closet
Jeans: Torrid (summer 2012)
Socks: Target
Shoes: Bamboo, at ModCloth (fall 2011)
Earrings: Torrid (summer 2012)
Necklace: vendor at Viva Las Vegas (spring 2011)

Ah, Fridays. After so long of not wearing pants, I seem to have taken a liking to wearing jeans on Fridays. Many people in my office wear casual clothes all week, but I like to dress things up a bit, professionally speaking. However, with these pants as confortable as they are, I don’t mind the jeans-on-Friday look.

This sweater is another one I brought home from my grandmother’s closet. The outfit started with that, and I put things together from there. The blouse doesn’t quite look right on me, all on its own, but layered under this sweater is just fine.


I popped in the cherry necklace to go with the pink of the sweater. I hadn’t worn this in a while! I even got deep into the matchiness by adding the earrings once I’d picked out the necklace. Who can resist sweet cherries?

Pink and cream oxfords

And the shoes! There was no way I could wear this soft pink sweater without these shoes. While I like the look, I think straight-leg, not skinny, jeans would work better with the oxfords. I’m on the quest, but considering how long it took me just to find one properly-fitting pair of jeans, I’m not worried about being impatient.


One thought on “Outfitblogging 22 Feb 2013

  1. Mia says:

    I think the skinny jeans look pretty great with the oxfords, for the record, and I like the whole look here! It’s sort of soft-50s-ish without being dated.

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