October! Cons! Cosplay!

I’ve talked before about how much I love costuming. It’s my favorite part of October, what with Halloween and all. This year, Nerdapalooza was moved to October, and I’m super excited for next week’s adventures! Since I’m not attending New York Comic Con this weekend, and won’t be at GeekGirlCon this year, I’m taking the opportunity to cosplay at Nerdapalooza.

LSP makeup

I don’t usually have very elaborate costumes, but there’s something wonderfully fun about trying on a new role every once in a while. My everyday appearance doesn’t include makeup beyond lip balm, but with cosplay, I can really get into having fun with eyeliner and hair bows. The above photo includes some recent additions to my small makeup collection, all in anticipation of being Lumpy Space Princess next week.

Oh my glob

That’s right. LSP. Again, it’s nothing elaborate, and each piece of my outfit will include things that I wear everyday, except for the wig. I stopped dyeing my hair a few years ago, so I instead went with this amazing lavender beehive. I’ve worn nerdy tee shirts at Nerdapalooza before, but this is the first time I’m actually doing a costume. How exciting!

What are your thoughts on costuming, cosplay, and Halloween? Are you creative with your costumes, or do you buy store bought things?


One thought on “October! Cons! Cosplay!

  1. Mia says:


    Umm. I used to cosplay quite a bit, but haven’t really since my best friend and cosplay partner died in 2010. Despite years of sewing, I was never that good at it anyway, so I’m okay with leaving cosplay as a happy memory. I do like dressing up for Halloween, though–my office of almost-entirely women is doing A League of Their Own this year (the best sewer is making everything for us because she’s a gem), and after work I’ll probably paint my face for the trick-or-treaters.

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