Outfitblogging 31 October 2013

Lumpy Space Princess

Dress: Target (fall 2013)
Cardigan: Lane Bryant (summer 2011)
Wig: Vogue Wigs (fall 2013)
Crown: handmade by me (fall 2013)
Necklace: Impact Thrift (spring 2011)
Tights: We Love Colors (fall 2013)
Shoes: Crocs (fall 2013)

Yes, Halloween was over a month ago! But really, isn’t the spirit of Halloween with us every day? A little bit?

These photos were taken on Halloween, when I dressed up for work. I mentioned in my previous post that I would be cosplaying Lumpy Space Princess at Nerdapalooza, and indeed I did! I got several compliments from other Adventure Time fans, but alas, the costume only lasted half the day. After dancing so hard during DJ RoboRob’s set, I realized I’d sweat through my dress, and was pretty gross. Change of clothes to the rescue!

Lavender wig and crown

I checked around several websites for the perfect lavender beehive. It couldn’t be too high or too long or too purple. I was definitely pleased with this one.

I made my lumpy crown myself, with some craft paper, felt, wood glue, and a headband from CVS.

Tights and ballet flats

Of course, We Love Colors has the best tights, and… Crocs! I seriously had no idea Crocs could be this cute or this comfortable. I resisted for so long because the main line of Crocs are kinda weird looking, but I bought a pair to use as house slippers, and found these when looking for good ballet flats for LSP.

Dude, I wish I had worn Crocs every year to Nerdapalooza. After rocking out all day on the hard convention center floor, my feet still felt amazing.


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