Outfitblogging 5 Dec 2013

Striped dress

Dress: from my grandmother’s closet
Earrings: Torrid (summer 2012)
Socks: Fashion Bug (summer 2012)
Shoes: from my grandmother’s closet

I’m still browsing through my wardrobe, looking for shirts and dresses with loose-fitting long sleeves to cover my tattoo. I found this hiding in the back—I totally forgot about it! Earlier this year, I saved quite a few clothing items when my family and I cleaned out my grandparents’ house, and this dress was in that pile. I took it to the cleaners with a few other dresses, then dutifully hung it up in the closet and promptly forgot I had it.

Silver hoops

It was terribly warm yesterday—we hit a high of 70°F—so I was a little lax with my accessories. I tried a few necklaces on, but nothing looked right. I kept the earrings simple. I’m pretty sure this dress would look fabulous with a belt. A deep red belt.

T-strap shoes

I also tried on several pair of shoes. The one pair that looked best felt a little tight in the toebox. I wonder if it was the weather, or if my feet have changed shape. I’ll keep them around and see how they fit in another week or so. These shoes were another thing saved from my grandmother’s closet. I found out the hard way that I should absolutely wear fuller-coverage socks or tights with these; the t-strap had rubbed me raw by the time I’d walked down to the office.


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