Outfitblogging 7 Apr 2014

Houndstooth dress with cardigan

Dress: Lane Bryant (fall 2010)
Cardigan: Lane Bryant (spring 2009)
Tights: We Love Colors
Shoes: Abella, at DSW (fall 2013)
Earrings: Torrid (winter 2012)

Sometimes a dress pops out at you and you completely forgot you had it. That’s what this awesome houndstooth dress did to me. I bought it a few years ago to wear to an event as part of a larger wedding weekend, and I think I subconsciously consigned it to “event dress”. I’ve only worn it a few times, and I think I can name them all!

However, last week I took to my closet, mercilessly and brutally throwing items into piles—donation for things that didn’t fit or weren’t really my style, that someone else could wear; and trash for things that were completely beyond repair. I rediscovered this dress hiding with my other cocktail dresses, and decided to wear it once more before the weather warmed up too much for it.

Owl earrings

I thought I’d lost these earrings forever! I recently found them as I did some reorganizing in my apartment. As I flipped through my bags and purses for any loose change, these flew out at me. So happy!

Tights and mary janes

It was raining when I took these photos, and it rained most of the day, but I was determined to get back into the blogging habit, so here we are. It was damp and chilly enough that tights were a good outfit choice, but I’m not sure how much more wear they will get until falls comes around again. And these shoes! I may have finally found the perfect mary jane: good fit, adequate support, decent heel height, and just the right amount of grip on the soles.


2 thoughts on “Outfitblogging 7 Apr 2014

  1. Joanna says:

    I love this! The purple and houndstooth!!!

    Now I’m sad I left my houndstooth dress back at my mom’s. I want to copy you. :)

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