Outfitblogging 10 Apr 2014

Airplane embroidered skirt with cardigan

Cardigan: Target (summer 2011)
Shirt: Lane Bryant (spring 2008)
Skirt: eShakti (winter 2014)
Socks: Target
Shoes: Report, at DSW (summer 2013)
Earrings: Alex’s Misfit Joys, vendor at MAGfest (winter 2014)

Dude. Dude. I’ve been wanting to wear this skirt as soon as it arrived in my mailbox, but winter held on for a little too long. But it’s finally spring! I keep worrying that making exclamations of spring will bring us back into the snow and ice, but I really think it’s here, for real. Fingers crossed I didn’t just jinx it all.

This skirt is pretty amazing, but it’s also a slightly expensive lesson in lengths. I ordered this from eShakti and chose a standard size, basing my decision on waist measurements as the full skirt would allow room for hips. I assumed that “knee-length” would be just fine, as most of my eShakti dresses are knee-length, but not this time. The tailor charged me $30 for hemming, which is not super-ridiculous, but still way more than the $7.50 custom fee that eShakti tacks on.

The Prince of All Cosmos

These earrings! I’ve loved Katamari Damacy since I first played it while visiting some friends back in spring 2005. I remember going home and proclaiming that I just had to have this game. It remains, to this day, one of the handful of video games that I’ve played through and beat multiple times.

Prince and Katamari earrings

Oh, and I even remembered to post a photo of both earrings.

Lace wingtips

These shoes are super cute, even though they don’t have a lot of support and the soles are fairly thin. I bought them to wear at a friend’s fall wedding at an arboretum, because the lace part dresses them up a bit more than other casual shoes but non-heels meant I wouldn’t keep poking holes in the grass. I slipped in a pair of Dr. Scholls inserts and they’ve been fine since.


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