Outfitblogging 13 Apr 2014

Denim and tee

Band tee: D&D Sluggers (winter 2014)
Skirt: Lane Bryant (spring 2007)
Socks: Target
Sneakers: Dansko, at Amazon.com (spring 2013)
Earrings: Target (summer 2012)

I don’t often post my weekend outfits, but over on the tumblrs, heckyesfatvisibility designated Sunday 13 April as a day for No Excuses for Fat Existance:

We’ve talked about this before, how fat people often feel as though we have to dress up to somehow justify the fact that we are fat, to prove that not all fat people are lazy, or something like that. And so often the pictures on tumblr enforce the idea that we are only worthy if we dress nicely.

Well, once again, it’s time to say fuck that to that idea.

Ice cream earrings

A post over at Shakesville touched on this topic a while back, stating that “being ‘put together’ is part of the way many of us convey to a judgmental world that we are worth caring about.” I think this is a small, subconscious reason I ended up accumulating so many accessories over the years, figuring that if I couldn’t find affordable, stylish, well-fitting, quality clothing in my size, then I needed to dress things up with necklaces and earrings.

Socks and mary janes

While I do enjoy mixing things up with style and fun accessories, at least in recent years since discovering the body-positive and size-acceptance communities, I also want to affirm that privilege is not needed to be treated like a human being. Like Melissa, I don’t want to worry if wearing sweatpants to the ER is going to result in subpar healthcare. No excuses.


One thought on “Outfitblogging 13 Apr 2014

  1. Yes! This! You and HYFV and Shakesville have got it right. You certainly have no OBLIGATION to post dressed-down pictures, but I applaud you for doing so. Plus-sized and fat folks shouldn’t need to conform to a certain aesthetic to be respected. And I like this weekend outfit! Polka-dot socks!

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