Outfitblogging 17 Apr 2014

Dress with shirt

Dress: Target (summer 2013)
Shirt: LL Bean (fall 2011)
Socks: Target
Shoes: Bamboo, at ModCloth (winter 2012)
Earrings: vendor at Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival (spring 2013)

Still spring! It did get cooler in the later part of last week, but I got by fine on this day with a denim jacket. Because of the Easter holiday weekend, we also had early leave from work on Thursday! Woo! I celebrated by going grocery shopping after work.

I bought this shirt because it reminded me of the Eleventh Doctor. It fits nicely everywhere except my hips; it just won’t fasten those last two buttons. Maybe it’s destined for a life of being worn under things. Or, I’m sure it might also be nice worn open over a camisole! Let’s put that in the to-do list for a later day.

Knitting needle earrings

Earrings! Made of recycled knitting needles! Someone found a really good use for all those Susan Bates needles lying around.

Pink and cream oxfords

I am not out of love with these shoes yet, and of course the colors go perfectly with the stripes in the shirt. These may be the best ModCloth purchase ever.


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