Outfitblogging 19 May 2014

Cardigan over shirt and embroidered skirt

Shirt: Lane Bryant (summer 2011)
Cardigan: Target (spring 2014)
Skirt: eShakti (winter 2014)
Earrings: vendor at Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival (spring 2013)
Necklace: gift from Matt’s parents (Christmas 2012)
Shoes: b.o.c. at DSW (spring 2014)

Spring! It’s actually spring. Since moving to DC, I’ve discovered the seasons here transition basically from winter to summer, with summer being not only hot but disgustingly humid. There’s been some rain the past couple weeks, but the temperatures have been wonderfully spring-like.

I am absolutely loving this skirt from eShakti and I’m trying to pair it with as many different shirts as I can. I also picked up this cardigan on clearance from Target last weekend and it’s perfect for spring and summer layering. It’s lightweight and airy, and the back (which I will have to remember to take a photo of next time) is open and lacy. A bit of extra coverage without all the extra warmth.

Repurposed earrings

These earrings add some color and remind me of good times with my knitters, who all live far away, some farther than others. I didn’t attend Maryland Sheep & Wool earlier this month, but I’ve got my earrings from last year’s haul, so all’s good. I also bought vacation yarn when I visited Asheville NC, and it’s not like my yarn stash is desperately wanting.


My other purchases this month include these super comfortable sandals. While I do enjoy my beige wedge sandals, I wanted a different pair sandals in a darker shade (these are cognac) with more straps. These fit the bill! And feel amazing. Even as I tried them on in the store, a sales clerk commented how comfortable these are.


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