Outfitblogging 16 Jun 2014

Polka dot dress

Dress: eShakti (winter 2013)
Earrings: gift from my parents (Christmas 2012)
Socks: Target
Shoes: Report, at DSW (summer 2013)

Do you know how hot it’s been this week? It’s been pretty gross here in our nation’s capital. Summer ’round here just doesn’t mean high temperatures. Oh no. We get humidity levels averaging around 70%. Monday had a high of 90°F, right about the time I walked to work. Although this dress is lined, it is cool and flowy and perfect for hot days.

Green earrings

No necklace this day, so I wore dangly earrings. Besides a glimpse of my bra strap, you can also see my sunburn in this photo, hence no necklace. I went to brunch on Sunday (for six hours!) and while I was quite concerned about the burning sun and dutifully applied sunscreen on my face, I neglected to account for my bare arms and neck. Sigh.

Lace oxfords

Sandals are for summer, but sometimes when it’s really hot, I prefer to wear socks for comfort. I paired these with the lace oxfords, and my feet were mostly happy throughout the day.


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