Outfitblogging 20 Jun 2014

Tee over maxi skirt

Shirt: Target (summer 2008)
Skirt: sewn by me (spring 2014)
Necklace: Lane Bryant (summer 2010)
Earrings: Optimystical Studios, at Geek Girl Con (summer 2012)
Shoes: b.o.c. at DSW (spring 2014)

The super hot-as-balls temperatures died down by the end of last week, but on Friday night I had plans to attend a burlesque show, and I knew the venue would indeed get a bit warm (in several different ways). I opted for cool, flowy jersey knit in this skirt I just sewed up last week. Another sewing project! Another maxi skirt! The seams aren’t as clean as a professionally made skirt, but I’m still learning and I’m sure I’m the only one to notice my mistakes. I left the bottom hem unfinished, because why not.

Green earrings and necklace

I’ve really taken to pairing these earrings with this necklace, and this necklace works so well with the plethora of maxi skirts I’m now accumulating. It may be time to invest in another longer length or two.

Cognac sandals

These sandals are getting a lot of love, as they are mega comfortable and a decent neutral. They look equally great with knee-length and maxi skirts. Perhaps I should also try them with the denim capris?


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