Settling in to a new routine

Great socks or greatest socks? (PS: new style blog posts coming soon!)

The past few months have been filled with loads of schoolwork (3.8 GPA, what what), competitive karaoke shenanigans, and a bit of emotional and physical health issues. The latest big event has been a move to a new apartment, away from a basement to one bathed in invigorating sunlight. I’ve barely been there two weeks and I can already feel my mood improving.

The new apartment building also has this great lobby, where I hope I can take some outfit photos and experience some curious glances from my not-yet familiar neighbors. I’d also like to take more action shots around town, like my tidal basin adventures last year.

My new home has a closet layout that’s pretty cool, but I need to experiment with organizing my clothes and accessories and may write up a post about that in the next few months. I’ve also had a few people tell me how much they enjoy reading the blog and seeing my outfits, and I’m interested in hearing about what you like specifically. Are there any features you’d find intriguing? Have I posted anything in the past you would like to see again?


2 thoughts on “Settling in to a new routine

  1. Lovely to *see* you again! I’ve missed you! I love your blog, because I think we have similar style aesthetics, and we definitely have similar body types. (So, I love to gank outfit ideas from your blog.) As for your OUTSTANDING GPA – go ON, with yo’ bad self! <3

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