Outfitblogging 5 February 2015

Cardigan over pencil skirt

Shirt: Target (fall 2014)
Cardigan: Target (fall 2012)
Skirt: Lane Bryant (fall 2010)
Tights: Lane Bryant
Shoes: John Fluevog (summer 2014)
Earrings: Claire’s (fall 2008)
Necklace: Lane Bryant (fall 2012)

I’m still working with a limited wardrobe, but on the bright side, it’s fairly easy to make outfit decisions in the morning. It’s making me wonder about cutting down my closet even more, and getting rid of another bag or two of clothes. My plan is to only unpack and organize things I really love; the rest will get thrown into a box and put away. If, in a few months, I haven’t worn or thought about those clothes, off to the thrift shop they go.

I went to the doctor on Wednesday, who told me my broken finger is healing quite nicely, and graduated me from the splint to buddy-taping. Going to the CVS for supplies reminded me I needed a new hair dryer, and I felt much better all around yesterday.

Drop earrings and a statement necklace

My accessories are also not really unpacked yet, but there is a huge box sitting in my bathroom, full of smaller boxes of earrings and necklaces and headbands. This day’s choice was made by grabbing the first things off the top.

Tights and Fluevogs

But the shoes. The shoes. I’ve worn these with dresses, and I’ve worn these with jeans. I was also tickled when I was sitting at work and I realized they matched both the cardigan and the shirt I was wearing. An excellent coincidence!


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