Planning something new

As followers have surely noticed by now, this blog hasn’t been updated in about two years. I’d always had plans to return to daily outfit posts, but as I progressed further into my education, time for photos and writing became non-existent.

This coming weekend, I finally turn in my capstone project, and will be finished with my undergraduate career. Of course, I need some time off to decompress and relax (and play the 87 video games that have been piling up in my queue), but there will be more blogging. However, not at this website.

I will no longer post to this blog, but I will update it one last time once I have a new project set up. My style has been moving in a somewhat different direction, and I have a lot more Thoughts on my style as it relates to my gender, so the new project will also focus on that.

It may be a few months or even another season or two before that happens, but it was definitely time to say good-bye to this site. Thank you all for following me on this initial style journey, and I look forward to sharing something new!


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