Outfitblogging 28 May 2015


Dress: sewn by me (spring 2015)
Camisole: Target (spring 2015)
Belt: unknown
Earrings: Amazon.com (spring 2015)
Necklace: birthday gift from a friend (fall 2013)
Shoes: Spring Step, at DSW (summer 2011)

It’s a dress! That I sewed myself! The fabric feels as comfortable as wearing pajamas, but the pattern makes it appropriate for work days (with the cami) and party nights (without the cami—vavavoom!). I originally planned to make my own maxi based on a really simple tutorial, but after sewing, felt the pattern too busy for a full-length dress. I cut the hem to my knees and like it much better this way.


I’ve been wearing these hoop earrings pretty much non-stop. This day I added the Weeping Angel necklace and it’s a lot of fun watching people figure it out and then get a little nervous checking out my jewelry.


These shoes. Four years. They had a good run, and this is the last time they will appear on the blog. I spent the workday with uncomfortable feet, and on my way to karaoke that night, I stopped off at DSW and picked up a new pair of tan flats, which I’d been wanting for a while but put off buying.


Outfitblogging 14 Sep 2012


Shirt: Lane Bryant (summer 2012)
Cardigan: Lane Bryant (summer 2012)
Jeans: Torrid (summer 2012)
Earrings: Optimystical Studios, at GeekGirlCon (summer 2012)
Socks: Target
Shoes: Dansko, at DSW (winter 2012)

Jeans! Even though almost everyone else in my office wears jeans on a regular basis, I’ve not been one to wear them to work, at least while with this job. The only ever time I can think of wearing jeans to work was Halloween last year, with my River Song costume. I figured a Friday would be a good day to try them out.

I bought these jeans last month. I have a terrible time finding jeans that fit, and was rather skeptical when the shop clerk recommended them to me. It’s a new style at Torrid, and she thought they might work on me, given my various problems with jeans. And they fit! They fit really well! I even wore them on the flight to and from Seattle.


These cute little TARDIS earrings are a product of my bender in the merch room at GeekGirlCon. I think I spent the most money at this booth, coming away with several pair of earrings, a necklace, and a pendant. I need more Doctor-related accessories in my life.


I’m starting to forget when I bought most of my socks, and will probably just start listing the source. Chances are, my socks are from Target or Sock Dreams, if they are not hand-knit.

And… why yes. I did pair brown shoes with a mostly black outfit.

Outfitblogging 14 Dec 2011

Tee shirt and cardigan over pants

Cardigan: Target (fall 2011)
Shirt: Teefury (fall 2011)
Pants: Lane Bryant (fall 2010)
Shoes: Puma, DSW (fall 2011)

Wednesday morning, I had a doctor’s appointment at the sleep center, for which I didn’t want to go so early, but took whatever appointment they had available. I spent almost a month playing phone tag with the schedulers, and when we were finally on the phone together, I didn’t want to wait for an afternoon appointment. At least they didn’t try to fit me in at 8 o’clock again. (Yes, that was 8 in the morning. Sheesh.)

My TeeFury order came in Tuesday’s mail, along with two, sadly ill-fitting ModCloth dresses, and of course it was on the top of my pile for things to wear as soon as possible. Since I haven’t started sewing yet—I have my first class in January!—my tee shirts are all baggy-fitting; I almost always need to buy “unisex” tee shirts, which are not the most flattering fit for my big bust, small waist, and wide hips. Hence, I do not enjoy wearing my awesome tee shirts to work.

Doctor Who-ville

And look how awesome this one is! Called “Doctor Who-ville”, this tee was in my shopping cart and on its way to my mailbox even before I had time to debate the need for another $10 tee shirt. Look at all the Doctors! And K-9!


These sneakers are wildly comfortable, even though they appear to have a thin sole. I may need to get new insoles, as there is little arch support, but that has, surprisingly, not yet bothered me as much as I expected it to.

Outfitblogging 11 Nov 2011

Tweed blazer with blouse and skirt

Shirt: L.L.Bean (fall 2011)
Blazer: L.L.Bean (fall 2011)
Skirt: Lane Bryant (fall 2008)
Tights: Lane Bryant (winter 2009)
Shoes: Target (fall 2011)
Earrings: gift (fall 2010)
Necklace: thrifted, Goodwill (fall 2011)

Friday was Veterens Day, Binary Day, and Palindrome Day, but with the plethora of elevens, I thought it only fitting to take my fashion advice from my favorite of the pack: the eleventh doctor. Doctor who? Yes, that’s right.

I stopped into L.L.Bean last week to check out a blazer I had seen online—I’ve been on the lookout for a nice one since I’ve decided to indeed send my odd not-quite-red one to the thrift shop. While there, this sweet pink and white striped shirt was eyeing me from the end of the clearance rack, and I immediately thought the combination would be decidedly Doctor-ish.

Red beaded necklace

As cool as bow ties are, I sadly do not currently own any myself. Nor do I have any suspenders. To keep with the Eleven theme, I added the skinny red belt and the red beaded necklace. I was so happy to find this necklace! I’d been searching for one for ages and finally caught this one at my local Goodwill shop, for $3.

Textured tights with booties

These shoes aren’t the greatest for walking up and down the many hills of the DC neighborhood where I work, but some ball-of-feet cushions have helped tremendously. And check out the pattern on those tights! I really need to add more patterned tights to my collection.

Outfitblogging 31 Oct 2011

River Song

Blouse: Land’s End, tailored (fall 2011)
Jacket: Old Navy (fall 2011)
Jeans: Lane Bryant (fall 2011)
Boots: Rocket Dog, DSW (fall 2011)
Earrings: Torrid (winter 2011)
Wig: Wigs.com (fall 2011)
Gun Belt: Western Emporium (fall 2011)
Cap gun: vintage, Etsy (fall 2011)
Flashlight (not visible): Home Depot (fall 2011)
TARDIS journal: crayon and pencil on sketch paper (fall 2011)

It’s Halloween today, one of my favorite holidays… maybe the favorite. Costuming, pumpkins, candy, scary movies. What’s not to love?

This year, I decided to put something together that can work double duty as cosplay at any upcoming conventions: River Song, from the Doctor Who series 6 premiere, “The Impossible Astronaut”.

Here is the promo pic for comparison, for those who are not familiar with the Doctor nor with any of his companions. How hot is Alex Kingston?

River Song (Doctor Who promo pic)

For those Whovians out there, or for those interested in costuming, here are some detail shots of the outfit with some more information.

Curly dark blonde wig

It took me a good long time to find a wig that I thought suitable. I’ve seen a lot of River cosplays where the hair is too blonde or too curly. There were a few I almost settled on, but I kept looking, and eventually came across this one. Buying a wig online is a little nerve-wracking, but my chance paid off! I love this wig. Love. I would wear this every day.

Denim jacket

Because of my figure—large boobs, small waist, and wide hips—I have a difficult time finding blouses that fit properly. I bought a few and returned them after realizing they were not quite right. After almost giving up, I tried the women’s section in the Land’s End department of my local Sears. Success! It definitely needed some alterations, but the bust and hips fit nicely. My tailor put two darts in the back to bring in the waist, and also hemmed the shirt to be shorter.

(Why do plus-sized shirts often come in too-long lengths? My shirts do not all need to come down to my knees!)

I did a lot of research online looking for the perfect denim jacket. I was most interested in the stitching down the front leading from the breast pockets. Old Navy had the best looking jacket, but they are hit or miss when it comes to plus sizes. I took a chance at my local store, and came home with this, the last in its size! I blogged about it last month.

Gun belt and holster

I deliberated a good time on purchasing the gun belt with holster. I mean, did I really want to plop down so much money on one thing for a costume? Yes. I came up with a list of ideas for wearing this item: River Song, Zoe or Mal (from Firefly), various steampunk outfits. It’s a good quality gun belt with beautiful decorations, much like the one River wears (not a plain belt).

The cap gun I bought from Etsy was a bit smaller that I expected; it looked bigger on the Internet. I love it, but it’s not viewable in the holster in this shot. Believe me, there’s a vintage 1960s cap gun in that holster.

Jeans and boots

I still dislike wearing jeans, but these are OK for today. The boots are so wonderfully comfortable, even with the thicker socks I’m wearing today due to the sudden and delightful chill. I wore these boots earlier this month with a skirt, so you can better see the details in that blog post.

TARDIS journal

Last but not least, my TARDIS diary. My original plan included sanding and painting and staining this sketchbook, but I found myself too busy over the past few weeks and instead took the quick approach. I sketched out the pattern on a large piece of sketch paper, then used crayons and colored pencils to create the look. I folded the paper to make a book jacket, and viola!