Outfitblogging 7 May 2015

Blue stripes over a skirt

Shirt: sewn by me (spring 2014)
Skirt: Eloquii (winter 2015)
Socks: Target
Shoes: Fluevog (summer 2014)
Necklace: gift from Matt’s parents (Christmas 2012)
Earrings: gift from parents, Alaska (fall 2011)

Oh, I so badly wanted a swingy midi skirt. They looked so gorgeous on other bloggers, and the item sat patiently on my wish list for so long. This winter, I finally ordered the ponte circle skirt from Eloquii, and as soon as it arrived, I eagerly tried it on. The color was beautiful, and it was amazingly comfortable… and it looked terrible on me. The hem hit at exactly the wrong place. I paired it with both flats and heels, and neither worked. Perhaps midi skirts just aren’t my thing.

I loved it so much, I didn’t want to return it, so I chopped off about 87 inches to create a knee-length, and lo! It’s perfect.

Almost. Halfway through the work day, I realized there was a huge gash in the back. Centered on my butt. On only my fourth wear. Luckily, it’s right on the seam, so I should be able to easily sew that up.

Black and silver

Gift earrings and gift necklace. A winning combination! Also new glasses. I have two new pair: these, which are fabulous, and a purple pair with little sparkly bits.

Dots and oxfords

Who says you should never wear stripes and dots together? These cuties were just made to be worn with the Fluevogs.


Outfitblogging 4 May 2015

Black dots

Shirt: Kohl’s (fall 2014)
Skirt: Lane Bryant (spring 2009), altered by me
Shoes: J-41, at DSW (spring 2013)
Earrings: Amazon.com (spring 2015)

This outfit is nearly perfect. I really like this shirt—I bought it on sale at Kohl’s, and altered it to remove the elastic hem and shorten it a couple inches. It’s cute and comfortable, but seeing it here, I think I know the problem now: the neckline! Perhaps unbuttoning the henley or widening the neck would work better.

The skirt I altered is holding up quite nicely. I’m still experimenting with altering my clothing. I recently bought a fun new dress (also on sale!) even though I wasn’t 100% into it, because I knew that if I shortened the straps about an inch I would be in love. My sewing skills are still rudimentary, but have been giving me more confidence about finding, fixing, or making clothes that fit me.

Large hoops

I really wanted some large silver hoops, so I bought these large silver hoops on Amazon, and now I have the largest silver hoops ever.

Black sandals

I’ve had these shoes for about two years, but I think this is the first time they are appearing on the blog. They are comfortable, but I’ve now learned I cannot wear them on the walk from my new apartment to work. It took practically two weeks for the blisters to heal.

Outfitblogging 11 Feb 2013

Polka dot dress and cardigan

Dress: eShakti (winter 2013)
Cardigan: saved from my grandmother’s closet
Earrings: Optimystical Studios, at GeekGirlCon (summer 2012)
Tights: WeLoveColors (winter 2012)
Shoes: Wanted, at ModCloth (spring 2012)

For a couple weeks, I was down with a terrible sickness. I learned the hard way that the flu shot does not in fact cover all strains of influenza. One day, I tried to go to work, and made it as far as the bagel shop across the street from my apartment. Then, once I was pretty much back to full capacity, I fell down my stairs. Nothing broken, except my glasses, which I was able to piece back together.

Outfit-wise, I’m sticking with what I know. This is nearly identical to the one I wore last month, but this time, I’ve added my grandmother’s cardigan and ivory tights. The cardigan is one of two that I saved from my grandmother’s closet when we cleaned out my grandparents’ house a few weeks ago. The sweater fits a little big, but it is cozy and comforting.

Green drop earrings and silver necklace

These are the same earrings I wore before, but I decided to add a necklace this time around. I kept it simple, and let the polka dots in the dress do most of the work.

Tights and oxford brogues

These shoes are more comfortable! After a few wears, the heel posts were pushing up into the insole, digging into my feet. I picked up a pair of gel heel cushion inserts, and all is right with the world again.

Outfitblogging 10 Jan 2013

Polka dot dress with brogues

Dress: eShakti (winter 2013)
Earrings: Optimystical Studios, at GeekGirlCon (summer 2012)
Socks: Target
Shoes: Wanted, at ModCloth (spring 2012)

It has been far too long since I’ve blogged an outfit post, but just take a look at this adorable dress! When I saw it on the eShakti website (I sadly cannot find it now), it immediately went into my cart. I love it, absolutely, and the fit is amazing.

Recently, for the first time ever, I had to return an item to eShakti for a very terrible fit, and I realized something: I have a short torso, and in all the measurements to fill out for a custom order, this is not one of them. When I ordered a blouse a couple months ago, I was dismayed when I tried it on, but in scrutinizing the fit in the mirror, I noticed that in order for it to look better at the bust and waist, I needed to pull the shoulders up about two inches. Then I understood the issues!

When I ordered this dress, and another one I hope to wear soon, I emailed eShakti with my order number and my back measurement from shoulder to natural waist, which they then added to my information sheet. I am so happy I asked them about the additional measurements! It really helped in making this dress fit especially well.

Long story short (too late!): it never hurts to ask a business for service that’s not explicitly stated.

Small green drop earrings

I didn’t want to take away from the cuteness of the dress with clunky accessories, so I opted to leave off the necklace and add small, complimentary earrings.

I also need to find a new place to take photos before work. This winter, not only are the trees bare and the sun in a different position, but a few of the trees on the block have been drastically pruned or removed completely. I’d hate to give up the natural light to move indoors.

Brogues and ankle socks

I’m in love with the look of these shoes, but not the feel. I mentioned in a previous post that the toe box was a little snug when they first arrived, but that’s not even the biggest issue now. After a few wearings, the insole at the heel has broken in, and I can feel the post in the middle of the heel. I’m hoping this is something easily solved with some sort of Dr. Scholl’s product.

Outfitblogging 16 Nov 2012

Argyle cardigan over polka dot blouse

Shirt: Macy’s (spring 2008)
Sweater: Lane Bryant (fall 2011)
Jeans: Torrid (summer 2012)
Earrings: Lane Bryant (winter 2012)
Socks: Target
Shoes: Fluevog (fall 2012)

Yes, these are the same shoes as seen in my last post, but that was from Monday, and this is from today. Shoes should rest at least a day between wearings, and these have been sitting patiently for four! I knew I wanted to wear them again today, so I threw this outfit on. I’d worn this same combination a couple weeks ago and neglected to take a photo. I’m tickled by the pattern mixing of the polka dots and argyle.

I may need to find a new photo space. With the time change, and winter coming, I’m getting a weird light around the time I take my pictures in the morning.

Gold earrings

These earrings work well with the outfit, but I think next time I would go with something silver-based instead. There are little flecks of silver sparkling through the lines in the sweater, and the blouse has silver details on the buttons.

Fluevogs and trouser socks

Let’s not forget the pewter buckles on the shoes! What a clash with the gold earrings; what was I thinking? I also originally planned to wear grey trouser socks, but had absolutely no luck finding them this morning. I settled on black instead. I don’t like this as much as I did my blue/blue earlier this week, but I am still super happy with these shoes.

Outfitblogging 25 Jun 2012

Polka dots over white

Shirt: Treasure Cove Thrift Shop (spring 2012)
Skirt: Torrid (spring 2008)
Socks: Target (fall 2011)
Shoes: Dansko, at DSW (winter 2012)
Earrings: Torrid (winter 2012)

Last weekend, we spent Saturday with Matt’s family to celebrate Father’s Day and all the June birthdays in his family. Upon arriving at his parents’ house, I immediately was whisked away by his mother and sister-in-law to do some serious thrifting. We learned when we got there, however, that they were closing early for the day, so we had to act fast.

I picked up this shirt, because I love the little polka dots all over it. I think this would look great with a mint green or cotton candy pink skirt, neither of which I have. To the fabric shop!

Speaking of skirts, I’m not sure what’s bothering me about this one lately. It’s super comfy, and has pockets. Maybe it’s the way it falls? I think I’ve been used to wearing circle and pencil skirts, or maxi skirts, and this one is more a-line.

Large copper hoop earrings

There’s nothing new about these hoop earrings, but oh look, I did get a haircut! Mia recently got a buzz cut, and it inspired me to do my own. Or rather, Matt did it for me, since he’s been keeping his head shaved recently and knows more about this than I do.

Owls and Danskos

The brown in the shoes doesn’t match the brown in the shirt, and no where in my outfit are there owls, but that doesn’t phase me one it.

Outfitblogging 2 Feb 2012


Cardigan: Lane Bryant (spring 2011)
Tank top: Target (summer 2011)
Belt: Torrid (summer 2008)
Skirt: Lane Bryant (summer 2010)
Tights: We Love Colors (winter 2012)
Shoes: Naturalizer (summer 2008)
Earrings: Lane Bryant (summer 2009)
Necklace: gift from parents, Alaska (fall 2011)

I’ve been wanting to do an outfit like this for a while, but my first thoughts were with pink instead of purple, but as soon as my latest We Love Colors order came in, I switched it up. Purple! How awesome is this color?

I bought this cardigan from the clearance rack at Lane Bryant shortly before my and Joanna’s cross-country road trip of awesome, thinking it would be really cute with my rockabilly outfits. Well, yes, it was!


What’s this? It’s the hematite necklace without its sister! I mixed it up here, changing out the posts for large disc earrings. Cousins, is how my friend A.G. would refer to these.


None of my photos from this day capture the amazing color of these purple tights just right. Let me assure you, they are most rich and awesome.