Outfitblogging 28 May 2015


Dress: sewn by me (spring 2015)
Camisole: Target (spring 2015)
Belt: unknown
Earrings: Amazon.com (spring 2015)
Necklace: birthday gift from a friend (fall 2013)
Shoes: Spring Step, at DSW (summer 2011)

It’s a dress! That I sewed myself! The fabric feels as comfortable as wearing pajamas, but the pattern makes it appropriate for work days (with the cami) and party nights (without the cami—vavavoom!). I originally planned to make my own maxi based on a really simple tutorial, but after sewing, felt the pattern too busy for a full-length dress. I cut the hem to my knees and like it much better this way.


I’ve been wearing these hoop earrings pretty much non-stop. This day I added the Weeping Angel necklace and it’s a lot of fun watching people figure it out and then get a little nervous checking out my jewelry.


These shoes. Four years. They had a good run, and this is the last time they will appear on the blog. I spent the workday with uncomfortable feet, and on my way to karaoke that night, I stopped off at DSW and picked up a new pair of tan flats, which I’d been wanting for a while but put off buying.


Outfitblogging 8 September 2014

Chambray shirt over dress

Shirt: Old Navy (summer 2014)
Dress: Lane Bryant (summer 2006)
Necklace: Lane Bryant (summer 2013)
Earrings: Torrid (winter 2012)
Shoes: Earth Origins, at DSW (spring 2014)

It’s fall! Time for apples and pumpkins and sweaters and tights! We are currently in meteorological fall even as astronomical fall is still a few weeks away, as I am learning from my introductory atmospheric science class. Still, you wouldn’t have known it from last weeks temperatures, in the low- to mid-90s here in the mid-Atlantic.

Whatever, I got the first of my pumpkin-spice coffees and teas over Labor Day weekend.

Next month, I’ll be going on my first cruise, and I’ve been pinning clothes and planning outfits. I want to pack as light as possible, so organizing a remixable vacation wardrobe has helped me figure out the gaps in my clothing collection. I placed an order for mustard skinny jeans (!) and this past weekend, I picked up a couple items, including this chambray shirt from Old Navy. ON’s sizing is wildly inconsistent; sometimes I’m swimming in their Large but then can’t get an Extra-large over my head. (Don’t even get my started on the online only Plus sizing.) This button-front shirt is an XXL and fits fairly well.

Chunky copper necklace

I bought this necklace a while back but I don’t think I’ve worn it often. I’ve tried it with several of my button-front shirts, with the neck closed, but it always seemed too heavy or clunky. I love the way it looks here with the chambray shirt! I’ll find a few more uses for it yet.

Black sandals

Of course these shoes. You guys wouldn’t know it, as I haven’t been blogging lately, but my original prediction was spot on and these shoes because my most worn over this past summer. I can probably get a good amount of wears in before the weather turns cool enough for socks again. Believe me, I am definitely looking forward to those days.

Outfitblogging 20 Jun 2014

Tee over maxi skirt

Shirt: Target (summer 2008)
Skirt: sewn by me (spring 2014)
Necklace: Lane Bryant (summer 2010)
Earrings: Optimystical Studios, at Geek Girl Con (summer 2012)
Shoes: b.o.c. at DSW (spring 2014)

The super hot-as-balls temperatures died down by the end of last week, but on Friday night I had plans to attend a burlesque show, and I knew the venue would indeed get a bit warm (in several different ways). I opted for cool, flowy jersey knit in this skirt I just sewed up last week. Another sewing project! Another maxi skirt! The seams aren’t as clean as a professionally made skirt, but I’m still learning and I’m sure I’m the only one to notice my mistakes. I left the bottom hem unfinished, because why not.

Green earrings and necklace

I’ve really taken to pairing these earrings with this necklace, and this necklace works so well with the plethora of maxi skirts I’m now accumulating. It may be time to invest in another longer length or two.

Cognac sandals

These sandals are getting a lot of love, as they are mega comfortable and a decent neutral. They look equally great with knee-length and maxi skirts. Perhaps I should also try them with the denim capris?

Outfitblogging 13 Jun 2014

Denim capris and plaid shirt

Shirt: Treasure Cove Thrift Shop (spring 2012)
Capris: Lane Bryant (spring 2011)
Earrings: Torrid (winter 2012)
Shoes: J-41, at DSW (spring 2014)

It’s a Friday! And I am wearing pants! I rediscovered these denim capris after they’d been in hiding for a long time, and I’ve worn them a few times over the past couple weeks. They are fairly comfortable, even though I internally scowl at their “tummy tamer technology”. These are great for a day in the office or just hanging out, but I don’t think I would like them for a hot summer day outside.

I’m also pretty pleased with this shirt. I’d picked it up a couple years ago, but I mostly wore it layered, either open-front or tied at the midriff. It fits surprisingly well for a thrift shop shirt I picked up for about a dollar.

Owl earrings

With the bright shirt, I didn’t want to overwhelm with color, but I did go with the cute little owl earrings over something simpler, like hoops.

Mary janes

Ah, these shoes. They totally tore up the back of my heels on Monday’s wear, but I added cushioned heel pads and today they are a dream. The uppers are breathable—and vegan!—and the insole is lightweight and supportive. Now that I’ve got the heel pads, these are definitely going to get a lot more wear.

Outfitblogging 9 Jun 2014

Striped florals and pencil skirt

Sweater: Land’s End (spring 2014)
Skirt: Lane Bryant (fall 2010)
Shoes: J-41, at DSW (spring 2014)
Necklace: Torrid (spring 2014)
Earrings: Optimystical Studios, at Geek Girl Con (summer 2012)

I feel like I just wore this sweater, but it actually has been a couple weeks, and with temperatures climbing to the 90s later this week, it may be a while before it’s cool enough to wear on a workday. I thought the stripes on the shirt were black, but of course after pairing it with a black skirt, I’m wondering if the color is indeed navy. Dark, deep navy.

Statement necklace

Mostly I wore this sweater because I’d picked up a couple necklaces at Torrid over the weekend. The clothing fits weird, but they were the only physical fat-girl shop in a 25-mile radius that had fishnet stockings. Actually, they were the only store to have plus-size hosiery that wasn’t just Spanx. But I digress: everything in the store was buy-one-get-one-half-off, so I grabbed two necklace styles I’d been thinking about for a while. This was one! And the colors looked so nicely against the sweater.

Mary janes

Also, new summer shoes! I really do love the black sandals and wanted another pair of supportive lower-heeled footwear. I’ve been wanting to try J-41 for a while, and spied these in the clearance rack. Score!

Except for the back of my heels today. They are all torn up.

Outfitblogging 23 May 2014

Shirt over maxi skirt

Shirt: Target (summer 2008)
Skirt: sewn by me (spring 2014)
Necklace, earrings: Optimystical Studios, at Geek Girl Con (summer 2012)
Shoes: b.o.c. at DSW (spring 2014)

Style in my office leans toward the casual side, but I usually reserve my casual outfits for Fridays. I’m sure my knit maxi and tee shirt would be even too casual for some offices, but I could probably wear something like this every day and no one would bat an eye.

I’m pretty happy that I’ve pulled out my sewing machine again and have gotten back into making things. Expect more skirts in the near future! This maxi is so comfortable, which makes sense, as I originally bought the fabric to sew pajamas. I’m not quite as confident in my shirt-sewing abilities yet, but after putting together a few more skirts, I may try my hand at a dress, or something more challenging.

Supernatural necklace

Do you watch Supernatural? Did you even see last week’s finale?! I seriously shouted at my television in the last minutes and immediately started texting friends and reading tumblr posts. I usually reserve this necklace for non-work days, but made an exception and kept those boys close to my boobs heart.


The heel on my new strappy sandals gave just enough lift to work with the maxi skirt. Super comfortable. Really, how was I even allowed out of the house with this much comfy?

Outfitblogging 20 May 2014

Summer sweater

Sweater: Land’s End (spring 2014)
Dress as skirt: eShakti (winter 2013)
Necklace: gift from parents (Christmas 2012)
Earrings: Optimystical Studios, at Geek Girl Con (summer 2012)
Shoes: Earth Origins, at DSW (spring 2014)

More spring! I picked up this amazing summer sweater at Land’s End last weekend. I’d gone to a local Sears/Land’s End to return a pair of ill-fitting shorts I’d ordered online, and couldn’t resist trying a few things on. The cost was a bit more than I’d usually pay, but there was a sale that weekend and when you return an online order in-store, you get 10% off if you buy something at the same time. Win!

I feel like I’m channeling Gracey a bit with this sweater. If only I had a pair of lovely skinnies (maybe in mint?) and some cap-toed flats, my transformation would be complete, bwahaha.

Also, could someone tell me, please, for the love of all that is good in this world, where a fat girl with a short rise could find a pair of colored skinny jeans? I really, really want pairs in white and mint. I tried on a pair of skinnies at Target, and while they fit OK, the waist still comes up about 2 inches above my belly button.

Also (#2), Target doesn’t think fat girls want skinny jeans in any other color except indigo and black. Gaddammit.

Green accessories

My preferred neckline is lower on my chest than this sweater’s, which is crew. I’ve usually shied away from crew necks, but I’m figuring out how to fake a neckline with accessories. While the crew neck is higher, the necklace creates the illusion of a lower scoop neck. It seems like Style Basic 101 to some folks, but even after over two years (!!) of blogging, I’m still learning some of these tricks. Hey, I never claimed to be a fashionista!

Black sandals

Shoooooooes. I picked up these beauties on the same DSW trip as the strappy cognac sandals, and I love them so much. I wondered how I would deal with no socks with a fairly closed toe like this, but I’m having no issues so far. The insole has a “breathable sock lining”, and that’s no joke. Even with a shorter heel, there’s enough support for my feet that I’m sure these will become my most-worn shoes by the end of summer.