Outfitblogging 2 June 2015


Shirt: karaoke league (spring 2015)
Cardigan: Target (spring 2014)
Belt: unknown
Maxi skirt: Target (spring 2014)
Shoes: J-41, at DSW (spring 2013)
Earrings: Torrid (fall 2006)
Necklace: gift from Matt’s parents (Christmas 2011)

On Tuesday nights, I work with the communications team of my karaoke league, posting photos and notes from that evenings performances to Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. As part of staff, I get a nifty official black tee shirt, which I decided to wear to work on this day, instead of changing outfits once I got to the venue. I haven’t done this every week, but I have been purposefully planning my outfits to match my black shirt so I don’t have to lug around an entire change of clothes.


With the ensemble fully black and grey, I decided to add some color with the bright hot pick earrings.


These shoes are super comfortable for a night of standing, dancing, and making my way through the crowd to get the perfect shot; however, I did keep stepping on the back of my skirt as I crouched down on the floor to get different angles. Oops!


Outfitblogging 7 May 2015

Blue stripes over a skirt

Shirt: sewn by me (spring 2014)
Skirt: Eloquii (winter 2015)
Socks: Target
Shoes: Fluevog (summer 2014)
Necklace: gift from Matt’s parents (Christmas 2012)
Earrings: gift from parents, Alaska (fall 2011)

Oh, I so badly wanted a swingy midi skirt. They looked so gorgeous on other bloggers, and the item sat patiently on my wish list for so long. This winter, I finally ordered the ponte circle skirt from Eloquii, and as soon as it arrived, I eagerly tried it on. The color was beautiful, and it was amazingly comfortable… and it looked terrible on me. The hem hit at exactly the wrong place. I paired it with both flats and heels, and neither worked. Perhaps midi skirts just aren’t my thing.

I loved it so much, I didn’t want to return it, so I chopped off about 87 inches to create a knee-length, and lo! It’s perfect.

Almost. Halfway through the work day, I realized there was a huge gash in the back. Centered on my butt. On only my fourth wear. Luckily, it’s right on the seam, so I should be able to easily sew that up.

Black and silver

Gift earrings and gift necklace. A winning combination! Also new glasses. I have two new pair: these, which are fabulous, and a purple pair with little sparkly bits.

Dots and oxfords

Who says you should never wear stripes and dots together? These cuties were just made to be worn with the Fluevogs.

Outfitblogging 2 April 2015

Cardigan over striped tee and black skirt

Cardigan: Target (spring 2013)
Shirt: sewn by me (spring 2014)
Skirt: Lane Bryant (spring 2009), altered by my
Socks: gift from parents (Christmas, 2014)
Shoes: Dansko, at Walking Company (fall 2014)
Earrings: Torrid (winter 2006) and Torrid (summer 2012)
Necklace: thrifted, Goodwill (fall 2011)

I’ve got a bit of a backlog of photos on my phone, but I won’t post everything from the past month. I’ve gotten a little better at taking the photos before I leave for work, but somehow I’ve fallen out of the habit of posting them. Let’s get to it!

This outfit, I realize, has the same base as the previous one I posted: the same shirt and the same cardigan over fairly basic bottoms. I swapped out the jeans for a skirt—one that I altered from a maxi skirt that ripped! Instead of chucking it, I cut off the ripped parts at the waist, folded over the edge to make a casing, and inserted elastic for a new waistband. It’s nice enough for work but also perfect for throwing on with tee shirts on the weekend. Win-win!

Red beads and white hoops

I’ve worn this shirt before with a chunky red necklace, but this time paired it with the smaller red beads. Included the white hoops and tiny cherries for added interest (although I still think the tiny cherries kind of look like scrotums).

Black oxfords

Classic, comfortable shoes. I am on the lookout for a tan pair for summer!

My parents also gave me a bunch of socks for Christmas. My mom was apologetic about only buying solid colors, since my family knows how much I love cute, adorable socks, but they have come in handy! I had so many socks with patterns and happy little animals on them that the solid socks were a welcome addition.

Outfitblogging 6 February 2015

Cardigan over jeans and a tee

Cardigan: Target (spring 2013)
Shirt: sewn by me (spring 2014)
Jeans: Torrid (winter 2015)
Shoes: Dr. Martens, at DSW (summer 2012)
Earrings: Lane Bryant (summer 2011)
Necklace: Grace of the Goddess, vendor at MAGFest (winter 2015)

I few weeks ago, I stopped in Torrid only to pick up fishnets, and I ended up walking out with two pair of tights, two dresses from the buy-one-get-one-free clearance rack (one of which I wore earlier last week), and new jeans. I’m still iffy on wearing pants, but I keep trying. The skinny and the ultra skinny jeans weren’t quite right, but the boyfriend style? Excellent! They need to be tailored a bit, particularly in the baggy butt, but they are super comfy and the style is just what I was looking for. Fridays are always good for dressing more casually, at least for me; most of the rest of my office dresses way more down than this on a regular basis.

Hoop earrings and gear necklace

This nifty necklace was another prize in the Mystery Box I picked up from a MAGfest vendor! I don’t generally like surprises, but I am into controlled suspense, like not knowing what’s hidden inside a tiny box full of what is sure to be awesome. I think for $5, I definitely got an amazing deal. I still have yet to wear the barrette!

Dr. Martens boots

Winter calls for boots. I’ve already worn the jeans with my Fluevog saddle shoes and with my grey checked Vans, but it was pretty cold on Friday, so out with the boots. Wearing the Dr. Martens takes me back to high school, and I think I may pick up a lower profile shoe for spring, to wear with all the frilly, flowery dresses.

Outfitblogging 9 Jun 2014

Striped florals and pencil skirt

Sweater: Land’s End (spring 2014)
Skirt: Lane Bryant (fall 2010)
Shoes: J-41, at DSW (spring 2014)
Necklace: Torrid (spring 2014)
Earrings: Optimystical Studios, at Geek Girl Con (summer 2012)

I feel like I just wore this sweater, but it actually has been a couple weeks, and with temperatures climbing to the 90s later this week, it may be a while before it’s cool enough to wear on a workday. I thought the stripes on the shirt were black, but of course after pairing it with a black skirt, I’m wondering if the color is indeed navy. Dark, deep navy.

Statement necklace

Mostly I wore this sweater because I’d picked up a couple necklaces at Torrid over the weekend. The clothing fits weird, but they were the only physical fat-girl shop in a 25-mile radius that had fishnet stockings. Actually, they were the only store to have plus-size hosiery that wasn’t just Spanx. But I digress: everything in the store was buy-one-get-one-half-off, so I grabbed two necklace styles I’d been thinking about for a while. This was one! And the colors looked so nicely against the sweater.

Mary janes

Also, new summer shoes! I really do love the black sandals and wanted another pair of supportive lower-heeled footwear. I’ve been wanting to try J-41 for a while, and spied these in the clearance rack. Score!

Except for the back of my heels today. They are all torn up.

Outfitblogging 3 Jun 2014

Striped tee with embroidered skirt

Shirt: sewn by me (spring 2014)
Skirt: eShakti (winter 2014)
Shoes: Earth Origins, at DSW (spring 2014)
Earrings: Torrid (summer 2012)
Necklace: Fashion Bug (summer 2012)

I’ve completed another sewing project! Long-time readers may recognize the shirt fabric from a maxi skirt I made when I was just learning how to sew. I liked the skirt, but it was a little bulky in the waist, and I decided I wanted a blue and white striped tee more than I wanted it in a skirt. I also felt ready to graduate to sewing a new project, and this project, based on a super simple tutorial was quick and easy. I made the shirt on Friday night, wore it with denim capris on Saturday, and then Tuesday with this skirt, which is becoming one of my favorites.

Red necklace and cherry earrings

Something about blue and white stripes makes me want to pair with red things, so I grabbed this chunky necklace and tiny cherry earrings. (Confidentially, between you and me, I think these earrings kinda look like scrotums. Just me?)

Black sandals

Again with the new comfortable shoes! I’m tempted to find these in other colors so I’d be able to wear a pair every day.

Outfitblogging 20 May 2014

Summer sweater

Sweater: Land’s End (spring 2014)
Dress as skirt: eShakti (winter 2013)
Necklace: gift from parents (Christmas 2012)
Earrings: Optimystical Studios, at Geek Girl Con (summer 2012)
Shoes: Earth Origins, at DSW (spring 2014)

More spring! I picked up this amazing summer sweater at Land’s End last weekend. I’d gone to a local Sears/Land’s End to return a pair of ill-fitting shorts I’d ordered online, and couldn’t resist trying a few things on. The cost was a bit more than I’d usually pay, but there was a sale that weekend and when you return an online order in-store, you get 10% off if you buy something at the same time. Win!

I feel like I’m channeling Gracey a bit with this sweater. If only I had a pair of lovely skinnies (maybe in mint?) and some cap-toed flats, my transformation would be complete, bwahaha.

Also, could someone tell me, please, for the love of all that is good in this world, where a fat girl with a short rise could find a pair of colored skinny jeans? I really, really want pairs in white and mint. I tried on a pair of skinnies at Target, and while they fit OK, the waist still comes up about 2 inches above my belly button.

Also (#2), Target doesn’t think fat girls want skinny jeans in any other color except indigo and black. Gaddammit.

Green accessories

My preferred neckline is lower on my chest than this sweater’s, which is crew. I’ve usually shied away from crew necks, but I’m figuring out how to fake a neckline with accessories. While the crew neck is higher, the necklace creates the illusion of a lower scoop neck. It seems like Style Basic 101 to some folks, but even after over two years (!!) of blogging, I’m still learning some of these tricks. Hey, I never claimed to be a fashionista!

Black sandals

Shoooooooes. I picked up these beauties on the same DSW trip as the strappy cognac sandals, and I love them so much. I wondered how I would deal with no socks with a fairly closed toe like this, but I’m having no issues so far. The insole has a “breathable sock lining”, and that’s no joke. Even with a shorter heel, there’s enough support for my feet that I’m sure these will become my most-worn shoes by the end of summer.