Outfitblogging 27 April 2015

Stripey sweater vest

Shirt: Lane Bryant (spring 2011)
Vest: Hand-knit CustomFit, using KnitPicks Stroll and Felici (winter 2014)
Skirt: Lane Bryant (fall 2010)
Socks: gift from parents (Christmas 2014)
Shoes: John Fluevog (summer 2014)
Earrings: vendor at Nerdapalooza (fall 2014)

This lovely little vest has been put on a shelf in my closet, not to be worn again until fall. It’s so comfortable to wear, and I love love love the way the stripes turned out. The look here with the black pencil skirt isn’t too off, but I think I do prefer wearing this one over fuller or flippier skirts.

Tea kettle

One day I will take a photo of this earrings set together. Here is the kettle! Last year, I photographed the tea cup.


I can’t get enough of these shoes. They have become my most-worn pair of Fluevogs. I’ll probably still get to wear them with outfits in the upcoming warmer weather, but not as often.


Outfitblogging 6 Dec 2011

Handknit vest over shirt and plaid skirt

Vest: handknit, KnitPicks Comfy (summer 2010)
Shirt: Lands End, tailored (fall 2011)
Skirt: Torrid (fall 2006)
Earrings: Lane Bryant (summer 2011)
Necklace: Lane Bryant (summer 2010)
Tights: Lane Bryant (winter 2011)
Shoes: Target (fall 2011)

I woke up not sure what to wear, but Kimberly’s inspiration calendar suggested “layering a vest”, so that’s what I did. Technically, I suppose it’s a tank top, but there’s enough positive ease that I easily wear this thing over shirts and blouses all the time. It’s the first fitted garment I knit, and although it’s dead simple, I’m terribly proud of it. I know lots of knitters who’d never think about wearing their first garments out in public!

Bold necklace

I thought I would try out the bold necklace with a structured blouse style I’ve seen look quite hot on others. Turns out I really like this look! I need to pick myself up about 87 more statement necklaces.

Ribbed tights and oxfords

I’d been wanting shoes like this for at least a year, and recently found a pair at Target for under $30. Tia looked rather smokin’ in her oxfords last week; she got hers at Payless. Apparently, now is the time to grab a reasonably priced!

Outfitblogging 27 Sep 2011

Denim pencil skirt with hand-knit sweater vest over blouse

Skirt: Lane Bryant (fall 2008)
Shirt: Target (summer 2010)
Vest: hand-knit, myself (fall 2010)
Earrings: Lane Bryant (summer 2009)
Tights: Lane Bryant (fall 2011)
Shoes: Aerosoles (winter 2003)

This sweater vest is the first garment that I knit for myself. Before this, I’d knit scarves and shawls and shrugs and hats and gloves, but no clothing pieces. For the annual trip to the NY Sheep & Wool festival in Rhinebeck, my knitting group chooses a “house color”, and we each knit something to wear in that color. The 2010 color was blue, and I made myself a Cherry Bomb from Big Girl Knits with KnitPicks Comfy.

I do not like this outfit as much as I did when I first left the house yesterday. By the time I got into the office, I was sure I’d made a mistake pairing the tights with it. The blouse and vest together are simply adorable, but the bottoms are too dark. Perhaps next time I’ll go with something bright and colorful, not dark and patterned.

Hoop earrings, silver pendant necklace

Above is a pretty good shot of some of the vest. These are also the largest hoop earrings I own! Sometimes I like to be a little bold. These are very round and big, but yet still classy enough to wear to work, and not be all Jersey Shore.

Tights with mary janes

The pattern on the tights is super cute, but again, I think I would like them better with another outfit. I’ve got a few more ideas in mind, so you probably won’t see the last of these tights, even though I’ve already got a run! I was pulling them on when my nail caught the side. Luckily, I remembered an old trick my mother taught me when dealing with runs in stockings: clear nail polish. I grabbed my bottle, threw on a coat over the run, and continued my day. Worked like a charm.